Do you know the RPG that celebrates a decade of success in 2023?

When we think of successful games many of us remember GTA V that, this year 2023, it will celebrate ten years without stopping to sell millions and millions of copies, but the truth is that there are other names whose effort to reach similar heights is truly titanic. It is the case of Project Zomboid that, hardly raising its voice, will celebrate a decade remaining among the best-selling games on Steam. How is it possible?

A case to study

titles like that GTA V from Rockstar are designed to succeed practically from the cradle, without too much effort, so we could come to detract from the merit that it deserves anyway. Now, how can we consider cases like that of Project Zomboidwhich was released in early access format in November 2013 and practically a decade later, it has remained in force with sales figures that today place it within the Top 10 of stores such as Steam?

It is clear that we cannot just talk about chance, but that there is something else in this game that tells us about a zombie apocalypse from a perspective very different from the traditional one, which is usually coupled with action titles, shooteror narrative adventures like those of Naughty Dog with The Last of Us. Here, fighting the walking dead has a role playing cape that suits him very well and that is one of the most outstanding elements for all those who have played with Project Zomboid.

To say that, logically, a title like this does not remain among the best sellers simply because the players fall into their networks casually, with droppers. There is a percentage in which this is the case, but above all the spirit of community of those who participate in it is imposed and that they are the first evangelizers before the rest of gamers of the planet, who sincerely recommend it.

Role and a lot of intelligence

The game drops us on a huge map that represents the world in which we play with a really interesting isometric perspective and where we are alerted to a single objective: no matter what we do we will end up dying at the hands of the hordes of zombies. So our role within Project Zomboid It is to delay that moment as much as possible, searching the map for any object that can help us in that mission: weapons, food, parts for a car that we have found, fuel, clothes, etc.

And how can we survive? Well, placing traps that notify us of the arrival of the undead while we collect objects in areas of the map (it’s gigantic, by the way), devising mechanisms with objects that we will install at key points on the stage to avoid being seen and, of course, eating and drinking as much as we can to survive a few more hours.

Although it may seem simple, believe us that it is not because There are countless variables that we must take into account. to keep us away from zombies or starvation and thirst, as well as the dangers that lurk around every corner. Thus, we are facing a pure survival title, where the decisions we make mark our future in the game and, most important of all, make us want to continue playing and wonder how the hell ten years have gone by without finding out that this wonder was Available on PC (Steam and GoG).

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