Do you know what a Hackathlon is? These are important in Spain

This is a term that you may have heard on more than one occasion, we refer to Hackathlon. However, many of you still do not know its real meaning, so we are going to talk about it in these lines so that you can understand its benefits and advantages.

The first thing we must be clear about in this case is what this concept to which we refer means. Whether you have heard of it or not, it is interesting to know that a Hackathlon is actually an event in which several software developers collaborate with each other to face challenges, share knowledge and establish new contacts in the sector. It must be said that initially the term as such comes from the combination of the words hacker and marathon. (

However, we must be clear that this it has nothing to do with hackers or hacking. Rather, it focuses on those professionals and amateurs in the world of programming and application development, among other fields. Taking into account that this is a sector that is growing more and more thanks to the possibilities we have, the benefits that a Hackathlon can bring us are many. Therefore, we could say that one of the great advantages of these events is that the search for a collaborative work between developers together.

Here, everything related to competition is left aside and an attempt is made to share knowledge in different ways throughout a specific time. Generally, this period is usually between a day or two, which is precisely why it is considered a marathon. Obviously professionals from different areas related to software meet here, but with a common interest, programming and project development.

The most important Hackathlons in Spain

Therefore, throughout that time, different groups are created in which thinking is encouraged and share all kinds of ideas and knowledge. At the same time, an open mind is encouraged here so that we can benefit as much as possible from these marathon meetings. Attendees present and share all kinds of methodologies and ways of working related to the software development. In this way everyone grows in terms of knowledge and experience in just a few hours.

Hackathon Lovers

Keep in mind that these between meetings or Hackathlon are beneficial for both end users and companies. These types of events are held in different locations in our country. Normally in big cities, although not all of them are directly related to technology. For example, to be informed of the upcoming Hackathlons that are going to be held in our country, we can go through this official website of Hackathlon Spain.

Another similar place that will be very helpful for us to be informed about these meetings, we can find on this website through our favorite browser. This option informs us of events from around the world, although we have a section dedicated to our country.

In turn, in Madrid we find Hackathon Lovers where we can get to know both the events already finished as the new ones that will be made in the near future.

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