Do you know what’s new for PC and Xbox from one of the creators of Rick & Morty?

There is no series that has marked the world of television as much as the great rick and mortythat cartoon madness for grown-up children that is inspired by characters from Return to the future and that They were imagined by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon in the year 2013. Now, the first of them has decided to jump into the world of video games through a High on Life that promises a good helping of madness and hooliganism that comes to both PC and Xbox consoles.

Journey to a world of madness

Officially presented a few months ago in one of those showcases digital media that have become fashionable in the world of videogames, our first contact with its gameplay It was, to say the least, shocking: a development shooter in first person, a world with airs of space typical of a galactic epic to walk around the house and an arsenal of weapons that speak to our faces and that do not stop making comments, each more rude.

That is the first feature that caught our attention, how guns, hooks, knives and other tools have eyes, mouths and teeth, in addition to the fact that a good part of the environment acquires that organic aspect of the worlds in which any object seems to acquire life. And so much so that the argument that moves everything starts from a mission as absurd as it is fun: a dangerous intergalactic gang wants to drug the entire population of the galaxy and we are in High on Life to prevent it.

But if there is something that stands out in the videos published so far, it is the color of the settings. Squanch Games, the developer, has put a lot of resources into making each phase feel different and providing a little challenge to advance the story conceived by Justin Roiland, using particularly loud colours, striking shapes and endless enemies that move between the cartoon and the grotesque.

High on Life.

Silence the guns!

as we tell you, weapons will be a key element of High on Life because they are not only one of the distinctive features of the game, but their use will condition our entire journey through history. And it is that to the utility that we can obtain from them we must add the option of improving and enhancing them as we advance and face increasingly powerful enemies, in which it will be one of the fundamental missions in its history.

How I play, It’s about a shooter pure and hard, with a use of live tools specially designed to make us laugh one after another, since these weapons are not going to stop saying authentic nonsense, in line with the general hooligan tone that it has High on Life.

If you want to enjoy it as soon as you leave, remember that You have it available on both PC and Xbox and that, in both cases, in addition to buying it, it is possible to try it free since it will become part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog from today, December 13, 2022. You have been warned.

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