Do you know where to buy Like a Dragon ishin cheaper?

SEGA has been in a state of grace for some time, curiously, thanks to certain sagas that nobody expected to work so well. But the fact is that between Yakuzathe Judgment and the new (in the West) denomination of the former, as Like a Dragonhave managed to gather around them an interesting legion of followers who are now vibrating again thanks to ishin. The trip to the past of the franchise.

Change the history of Japan

As we tell you, the line that separates the Yakuza of the Like a Dragon is very thin, so much so that only It depends on the country we are in. so that some users know them in one way or another. Still, in the case of ishin It is, for the first time, a journey to the origins of history, which on this occasion goes back to the second half of the 19th century. Thus, we will travel to Kyoto in 1860.

It is a world full of inequalities, where the powerful crush the humblest who live totally unprotected. That is why a samurai will have in his hand to change the course of history looking for that justice that is so lacking. And as you can imagine, that law that he will try to impose will be based on drawing the swordcut off heads and join the revolution that is brewing in the guts of an ancient empire.

Like a Dragon Ishin collect all the good things in the saga when it circulated through the neighborhoods of Kamurocho and transforms it into a trip to the past that you are surely eager to try here and now. Not in vain you already have it available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, but is it possible to get it a tad cheaper? That’s what we’re going to try.

Where to buy it cheaper?

if you want to have Like a Dragon Ishin on PC you know that It is already possible to acquire a key for Steam with a significant discount. All thanks to Fanatical, which allows you to get any of the two versions available on the market at a 12% discount. You will think that it is not much, but for a game that has only a few days behind it and is taking over the sales charts, it seems more than enough. Thus, if you want to get the normal edition you will have to pay 52.79 euros while the Deluxe stays at 61.59. You can take advantage of these offers from here:

If, on the other hand, you want to get the game on PlayStation 5, you have the option of purchasing it physically with a small discount through Amazon, which has it with a 10% discount for 56.99 euros. A cut in your full price that never hurts

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