Do you know which consoles have sold the most games throughout history?

The 10 consoles with the most sold games

as we tell you, We don’t want to know which generation of consoles has sold the most machines. We have already known that recently with the rise of Nintendo Switch to third place. We are going to focus on the units sold, on the number of games that each one has sold and that comes to serve as important data because it is the one that really indicates the volume of business that has been generated.

So without further ado, let’s go with that. Top 10 consoles that have sold the most games, but ordering that classification in reverse, so that you keep the mystery of the last result until the end of the article. Here we go…

10. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Launched on the market in 1985, its secret to selling so many games was its longevity because practically 12 years later it was still possible to play with some new features without problems. In total, he managed to sell 500,001,000 sets throughout its entire history.

9.Game Boy

What to say about the portable that Nintendo put up for sale in 1989 and that completely revolutionized video games, pointing the way to countless companies that have ventured to have their own portable consoles. In total, he managed to sell 501,110,000 cartridges she alone.

8. Nintendo Wii

Another of Nintendo’s successes from the first decade of the 2000s, which sold like hot cakes and there was practically one in every house for parties, baptisms and communions, and which was also not short of the number of games sold for it. Total 921,850,000 units. There is nothing.

7. Nintendo DS

A contemporary of the Wii, the laptop with two screens, one of which is touchscreen, also swept sales for many years, which allowed Nintendo to see how a total of 20 games were sold (among its games and those of other companies). 948,760,000 cartridges.

6. PlayStation

The first of all the PlayStation in the world also had a huge number of games sold, which allowed Sony to seriously consider staying in the video game market forever. In all, they sold 962,000,000 CDs With that black face on the back.

5. Nintendo Switch

Still active and in very good health, the latest of Nintendo’s consoles is already in the Top 5, so we can only hope that it continues to climb the ranks in the coming years. In total, it has been sold until the end of 2022 994,300,000 cartridges or digital downloads.

4. PlayStation 3

This console had a difficult time after the resounding success of PS2, but given the numbers, it did not go badly in terms of the number of games sold. In total, he came to place 999,400,000 gameswhich were not enough to catch his most direct competitor in those days…

KInect uncomfortable playing controls

3. Xbox 360

Indeed, Microsoft’s second console looked like it was going to make Americans an alternative to Sony, but given the results of Xbox One, things came to nothing. Xbox 360, however, has been able to sell 1,008,030,000 sets throughout its entire useful life.

2. PlayStation 4

The penultimate machine that we have seen from Sony has already climbed to second place and it remains to be seen if it can touch the first. It will be difficult but who knows. At the moment it has sold a total of 1,419,500,000 games... and up.

1. PlayStation 2

Finally, the consoles that have sold the most units in both hardware and software, a short distance from PS4 and looking askance that it does not end up surpassed. In all, PS2 managed to place 1,537,000,000 DVDsthe absolute record to this day that we will see if someone manages to surpass it one day.

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