Do you love Minecraft? Well here you have its best mods for PC

Today it is impossible for you not to know Minecraft, you may have seen it in gameplay, played or be an undeniable follower, but in all cases and as usually happens with many games, the experience of it can improve if you include the so-called mods. These modifications in the case of this title are so extensive that they are from curious to addictive. Therefore, we will meet the best mods for minecraftWhich one do you prefer?

You have to look back to understand Minecraft’s impact on modern gaming, and how a title with 25-year-old graphics trumps billionaire competitors across genres. More than 10 years Behind their backs and given the ease of implementing mods, the task of choosing the best ones has not been easy at all, so we hope you like them.

The best mods for Minecraft in 2022

Do you want to build faster? Farming without so much hassle? Expand the possibilities of the game? You are in the right place.


It is an optimization mod focused from the graphical interface to the textures. What it achieves is not only that the game flows faster, but that it looks better thanks to the rescaling of textures from HD to HDF. OPTIFINE ensures that the FPS will be doubled and the gaming experience will be smoothed out and also adds a number of other interesting features.

From control of OpenGLV-SYNC, Anisotropic, anti-aliasing and a very impressive listing of what can be done or configured.

Mods to improve the map: Journeymap

We turn to Curseforge as a natural habitat for this type of modification and we go to a key improvement such as the game map, or even the web browser for exploration. It is as simple as it is powerful and will help us improve our time and effort in explorations.

The best mod to improve the game in general: Better With Mods

Better With Mods (BMW) is a mod based on extending and improving the vanilla Minecraft version. It focuses on improving the core aspects of Minecraft through its three main modules: First is the Gameplay module, which directly extends Minecraft gameplay through additional blocks, items, food, and more.

The second is the Tweak module, which adds small quality of life and balance changes. Finally, there is the third module dubbed as Hardcore, which directly changes the core balance of Minecraft. Together, these three modules massively overhaul the experience vanilla.

The good thing about this mod is that it is extremely configurable, which expands the options we have in every way and changes depending on what we are looking for.

minecraft mod

Decorative Block Changes: Chisel

If you are tired of always seeing the same simple decorative blocks, your option is Chisel. This mod improves the blocks giving more options to the user to build more spectacular constructions visually speaking. Everything is based on a chiselwhich will change the physical shape of the blocks, making them more attractive and logically allowing us many more options when building, new textures and shapes within each cube, highly recommended and powerful.

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