Do you need a benefit or pension? This is how you request an appointment online at Social Security

After the outbreak of the coronavirus in our lives a couple of years ago, users who had the need to carry out any procedure before public bodies were practically forced to request an electronic certificate, an electronic certificate that allows users to digitally identify themselves before any public entity. However, it is not the only way to carry out any type of procedure, since we can also request an appointment in person, although waiting times are, in some communities, too long.

If we go to Social Security, we will not have the possibility of waiting for them to attend to the people in front of us. The only way to be attended to is by requesting an appointment online, whether using a digital certificate or without it. The easiest and fastest method to request an appointment online at this public body is using a digital certificate through Chrome or any other browser. But, if we don’t have it or we don’t know how it works, we also have the possibility of filling out a form, using a PIN code or an access code.

Request an appointment at Social Security with a digital certificate

If we have a digital certificate installed in our browser, to make an appointment with this body to request a benefit or pension, we must access this link and select the DNIe or certificate option. Through this same web page, we can also use the Permanent Cl@ve if we have one or request one Cl@ve PIN for a single use through our mobile phone number and DNI, a number that must be the same number associated with our Social Security account.

Social Security appointment with certificate

Social Security appointment without certificate

If we do not have a digital certificate and we need to request a Social Security benefit or pension, as we have mentioned above, it will be useless to go to their facilities, since we will find ourselves with the refusal of the officials to serve us.

To request an appointment with Social Security it is a digital certificate, Cl@ave Permanente or Cl@ve PIN, we must access through this link. On this web page, we must enter our full name and surname together with our tax identification number, telephone number and email.

Next, click on the Appointment search by postal code, province and center drop-down box to select one of the following options:

  • First appointment available at the center closest to this zip code. Selecting this option, we must establish our zip code.
  • First appointment available at any center in this province. In this case, we must establish the province where we are.
  • Choose me: center – day – time in this province. When selecting this option, we must select the province to then display a list with all the available Social Security centers.

Social Security appointment without certificate

Finally, in the security question, we must write the correct answer and finally click on Continue. We will receive the date and time of the appointment through our telephone number through a text message.

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