Do you need a PDF made up of lots of your own photos? It’s that easy

In this way we can handle large multimedia files such as high resolution photographs or 4K videos. And that’s not all, but in turn we will have the possibility of editing, converting, or joining all of this to form part of a much larger project. We tell you all this because in these same lines we are going to talk about a functionality that will surely be very useful to most of you.

It goes without saying that working with photo archives is the order of the day, whether for local or online use. The same happens with a type of office file that does not stop growing over the years, we refer to the PDF initially created by Adobe. This specific format allows us, in addition to the usual texts, to incorporate other elements such as images, links, videos, tables, graphics, digital signatures, etc. Hence precisely its widespread use at all levels both by the end user and much more professional.

Combine images to create a PDF

We are talking about these two types of files in particular because they are precisely the protagonists of the next few lines. To give you an idea, we are going to show you how to merge several images into a single file in PDF format. You can already imagine how useful these new files that we will create in this way will have. What is the process that we are commenting on? We will have a single file in a Format more than extended composed of the photos that we have indicated. After this because we want to use it to store in time, or to send comfortably by mail to other users.

In the event that we have a blog or some type of page on the Internet, this method will also be very useful when it comes to sharing photographic content from here. In addition, we can do all this for free, which makes it even more attractive. To all this, we can add the fact that we have the possibility of using photo files in different formats. So we can combine as many images as we want in a single PDF file. The process as such is compatible with JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, Tiff, etc.

Merge photos with Windows feature

At the same time we must take into consideration that we are going to describe you, we will have the possibility to configure some options of the PDF and the image. In particular we refer to important elements such as the size of the page, the design, orientation, position of the image, etc.

All of this will allow us to have much more control over the merger process that we are preparing to carry out at this time.

Take advantage of Microsoft Print to PDF

Once we know all this that we have told you, say that we can combine images in a PDF at no cost, with a windows function. We are talking about the printing feature built into the operating system itself. This allows us to select the source images and use the printing functionality to combine them and convert them into a PDF file.

In the window that we are commenting on, specifically in the section called Printer, from the available options we have to select the function Microsoft Print to PDF. As we mentioned before, we will have the possibility of configuring several parameters in order to obtain the file that we really need. If we want to let this function work with its default parameters, to create the resulting file we just have to click on Print.

Configure the file before creating it

However, before this we recommend you take a look at the drop-down lists that are located at the top of the window. Here we have the possibility to configure the page size of the PDF, as well as the quality of the photos that we are going to integrate. This will directly affect the size of the resulting file, as you can imagine. On the other hand, in the lower part of the same window we can indicate the number of copies of the file that we want to generate, as well as if we want to frame the photos.

Once all this has been specified and after selecting the printer as Microsoft Print to PDF, we click on Print, located at the bottom of this window. At that moment the file we are looking for will be created in the disk location that we indicate.

Take advantage of File Explorer

In order to use Windows’ built-in printing function to combine images into a PDF, simply use the File Browser. This is an element integrated into the system itself that you are sure to use daily and which you can access through the Win + E key combination. Next, we go to the folder where we have saved the source images that we are going to merge. .

browser select

After that, we select those with which we are going to work and click with the right mouse button once they are marked. In the contextual menu that appears, click on the Print option to open the corresponding window.

print option

Create a PDF with third-party software

There is no doubt that the solution that we have given you previously is very comfortable when it comes to merging different photos and creating a PDF with all of them. We can do all this without having to pay a single euro and through a function integrated into Windows itself. But at the same time there are some external software solutions that we can use, as we will see below. In fact, we are going to show you some of these solutions, also free, that you can try to carry out this process.

  • iLovePDF: this is a Web Application that we can use directly from the browser and that has many functions to work with PDFs. Among all these we find one that allows us to combine images in a single file of this type. For all this we access the web application from any browser. Next, we go to its function called JPG to PDF where we only have to select the original images for the application to start up.
  • AvePDF: here we find another web application that we also use from any browser. This is a solution that also presents us with a good number of additional functions, but in this case the one that interests us is the so-called Combine to PDF. Here we just have to choose the original images, either from our HDD or from a cloud storage service. From there, get the file we are looking for in a simple way.
  • Free JPG To PDF Converter: but if what we are looking for is a program that we install locally and that we will use continuously, this is a good option. Free JPG To PDF Converter is a software specially dedicated to convert JPG and other image formats to PDF. Its operation focuses on merging multiple photographic files into a single office file by simply selecting the source and destination.

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