Do you need all your photos to weigh less megabytes? photoshop trick

We refer to a software solution full of all kinds of functions and tools that allow us to get the most out of these tasks of photo editing. The results we obtain will vary greatly depending on the knowledge we have of this program. Many of you already know that Photoshop has been with us for a good number of years, so it has not stopped improving and growing. All this in order to try to make things easier for us at all levels in everything related to photographic treatment.

Why use Photoshop Actions

One of the tasks that we usually look for once we finish edit photoit is try to occupy as little as possible. To do this we can carry out various steps that will serve us for this, and also take advantage of the Actions to automate the reduction process.

This trick that will allow us to save a huge amount of time on these tasks and achieve reduce the weight of our photos considerably. It is for this reason that we will explain how to achieve all this below. The first thing we must do is see the Photoshop actions panel on the screen, something that we activate from the Window / Actions menu of the main interface of the program.

In order to automate the process of weight reduction of our images, in said panel we click on the button that is represented by a circle. This will allow us to record the different steps that we are going to take to reduce the size of the photos and thus weigh less megabytes.

Reduce the size of your photos automatically

Therefore, next, we are going to show you the steps that you should take in the Adobe to reduce the weight and therefore the megabytes of your photos. Once the recording process of the new action is underway, to reduce the weight of the photo we go to the Image / Image size menu. Keep in mind that on many occasions these images have a excessive and unnecessary size, so here we have the possibility to reduce its real dimensions. This is something that will allow us to save a good amount of megabytes.

Once we have adjusted the size of the original photo, we also recommend that you go to the menu option File / Export / Save for web. In the new window that appears we will have the possibility to, first of all, choose the format in which we are going to save the image. In the case at hand and for save disk space We recommend using JPEG. It is also interesting to know that from this same window we have the possibility of reducing the quality of the photo and thus it will occupy less megabytes once stored.

When we have carried out these simple steps, we click on the stop button in the Actions window and thus we can automate this process of reducing the weight of the photos in Photoshop. From that moment on, we will only have to execute said action so that our photos in the photo shop take up less space and are lighter.

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