Do you need storage on your PC? Check out this 5 bay DAS deal

A DAS (Direct Attached Storage) differs from a NAS (Network Attached Storage) in that its connection is direct to the PC, and we could say that in essence it is like an external hard drive with a USB connection with the difference that instead of Being a single disk, it is a cabin in which you can install several of them and incorporates its own controller, thus freeing up the workload to the PC to provide better performance and, at the same time, allow RAID configurations if you want to have fault tolerance or better speed.

This high-performance Orico DAS has an 11% discount

This DAS by Orico is made with a high-quality aluminum outer casing that not only gives the device an elegant and high-quality appearance, but also serves as a passive heatsink to extract out the heat generated by the hard drives that you install in its interior. Of course, to complement this aluminum structure, the DAS has a rear fan that will circulate the air flow to maximize heat dissipation, so you can rest easy on the integrity of your drives.

The device connects to the PC through a USB 3.0 interface with UASP protocol, and incorporates an oversized 150-watt power supply so that even if you install high-performance hard drives you will not have problems in terms of power. It does not provide, yes, greater connectivity than this since it does not have a USB port hub or anything like that.

Up to 5 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch hard drives can be installed in the array with a maximum of 16 TB per drive, which means that if you configure these drives in JBOD or RAID 0 mode you will have up to 80 TB of storage available. Each of the drives installs in a removable tray with tool-less installation for added convenience (by the way, it goes without saying that the hard drives are not included, just the DAS).


Each of the trays has a key lock (included) to ensure not only that the tray is properly inserted and that the disc is connected, but also to prevent you from accidentally pulling the tray out. In any case, it supports connection and disconnection of hard drives hot (hot-swap) without any problem and, in addition, each unit has an external LED status and activity indicator so you can always know that they are working or what trays They’re busy.

Finally, in terms of performance, it will depend both on the hard drives installed and the RAID level that you configure in them, but in JBOD mode (a volume created with all the disks, without RAID level) you can expect a performance of about 150 MB / s without problem.

Offer price and availability

At this time the Orico DAS is available as a flash offer on Amazon only today and through which you can save almost 25 euros (it is an 11% discount).

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