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Although these files are not particularly popular, we may occasionally need to be able to open them and convert them to other, more popular types of files. Therefore, we are going to see in principle what they are and when they are used, and then check the different ways we have to change their format.

What are CHM files

This file format is the abbreviation Compiled HTML which can be translated as “HTML Help” and which has been developed by Microsoft. They are mainly documentation related to help and solutions, being used mainly by different Windows programs for online help documentation.

It was produced and released in a simulated way to the LIT format, since these are a modified version of the CHM, but adapted to electronic books. That is why we can say that these they are compressed HTML files and in which we can find both images and hyperlinks next to the text, and in some cases they can be viewed from the web browser itself.

These files are especially optimized for reading and they are heavily indexed. That is why if we need to read its content in a comfortable way, we may be interested in its conversion to PDF format, so that it can be more useful in its day-to-day management. For this we can make use of different conversion programs with different characteristics. Some allow you to convert one file at a time, others allow you to make them blocks, and others even support other formats such as ePub.

Programs to convert files

In order to convert from one format to another in Windows, we can choose to download a program that has this possibility. These two options can help us.

Caliber, the most popular choice

We are talking about free software for e-book management, being one of the most popular options that we can find. In addition, this program allows us to perform batch conversions from CHM to PDF, among other file formats. It is perfect for making simple conversions without the need to make many modifications to the output file, although if we want to make customizations, the application has a large number of options.

Caliber convert books

To begin, we must download Caliber from its developer’s website. Going from one file format to another is quite simple since we just have to open the program and add all the CHM files to our library and click on the “Convert books” icon. Later, a configuration window will open from where we will have a large number of configuration options.

Weeny Free ePub to PDF Converter, fast and reliable

We are talking about a free ePub to PDF conversion software, although it is also compatible with the CHM format so we can use it perfectly. Although it is only in English, it is quite intuitive to use. To start using it, just download it from this link to the page of the program’s creators.

Weeny Free ePub to PDF Converter

Once installed we just have to add the desired file by clicking on the “Add files” button that we find in its main toolbar. Once added, just click on the “Convert Now” button at the top left. By default it will convert. We can make some additional adjustments from the “Setting” tab that we find at the bottom of the screen. Here we can choose the place where the resulting file is stored, as well as other settings.

Web applications for conversions

If we do not want to download software to our computer, it is possible to carry out conversions from specialized web pages, such as the ones we propose below, so it will only be necessary to use our favorite browser.

FreeFileConvert, conversions in two clicks

We are talking about a completely free online file converter that is used to change the format between different files and with which we can transfer files from CHM to PDF format. In addition, it allows converting audio files, video, images, electronic books, presentations … offering compatibility with extensions such as RTF, TXT, EPUB, MOBI, PDB, etc.


The process is quite simple so it can be done by all types of users. The first thing is to access your main web page from our browser. Later we must upload the file from our computer, or from cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. We can also add it through a URL. Later we select PDF as the output format and click on Convert.

Once the process is finished, we can download the resulting file to our computer., compatible with various formats

It is another free website with which we can convert CHM to other formats, especially electronic books (MOBI, HTML, AZW, etc.) as well as PDF, even allowing the change of the format of several files at the same time. It is a very complete tool as it is also compatible with documents, images, videos and audios.


To get started, just use our preferred browser to access its official website. Later at the bottom we must add the source file either from our hard drive or a cloud storage system such as Dropbox and Google Drive. To do this, just click on the “Add Files” button. Subsequently, we select PDF as the output format and finally click on the «Convert Now» button.

Once finished we have the possibility of downloading the resulting file to the computer or uploading it directly to Google Drive or Dropbox., conversions of all kinds

We are now talking about an online tool that allows the conversion of all types of files such as audio, video, photos, electronic books among other types, so it can also be used to convert files with a few simple steps. To do this, we only have to open its official website in our web browser.


Later we will import the file from our computer by clicking on the blue Browse button. Next, in “Input format” we select the source format, in this case “MS Compiled HTML Help (.chm)”, while in “Output format” we choose “Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)”. Now we just have to press the Convert button to carry out the whole process. Once finished we can download the resulting file to our PC.

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