Do you play Fornite, CS:GO, etc.? Buy a UPS and you will never fall off the online

Indeed, a UPS is used so that if, for example light goes outthe equipment that you have connected to it may continue to be on for a while, not enough time to continue playing (as a general rule) if you are on a gaming PC, but enough to get up and turn on the automatic light or stop at less power to perform a controller shutdown of the PC and that it does not turn off suddenly.

The advantages of having a UPS

In addition to what has already been mentioned, which is effectively a battery backup (but let it be clear that it is not designed so that you can finish your game or continue playing, since a UPS will only give you a few minutes of autonomy, especially if it is plugged into a gaming PC with high consumption), there are other many advantages that it provides you and that, especially if you are using it with a gaming PC, you will be interested in knowing.


So that you understand its main advantages, first we are going to give you a very brief summary of how a UPS works. This device is connected directly to the electrical network, and you connect your PC, console or the devices you want to the UPS itself. As you know the UPS has an internal battery, but this does not mean that it is being used constantly, but rather that when the battery is fully charged, the UPS stays in stand-by mode, which means that the power is going from the outlet to the UPS. and from the UPS to the PC, but the PC does not intervene at all until the power goes out and then the battery comes into operation.

Well, taking advantage of the fact that the energy passes through the UPS and its electronic circuit, the energy is also filtered and even passes through a fuse, so that the energy that reaches the PC is cleaner and free of noise than if it came directly from the the electrical outlet, so a UPS protects the PC noise and electrical problems.


On the other hand, you may find it very interesting to know that you can also monitor the electrical parameters of the PC, and we are not referring to the voltage of the power supply but to the energy that it receives. This can be easily achieved thanks to a UPS, both those that do it through an LCD screen inside and those that connect via USB to the PC and do it through software.

Don’t let a power outage leave you stranded in your online games

Now, contrary to what we have told you before, if what you want is a UPS for a gaming PC so that if a blackout occurs you do not stay stranded in your games, you also have options, although you should know that they are more limited because, as we have said before, a UPS will only give you a few minutes of autonomy (which can sometimes be enough to finish the game, of course).

APC Gaming UPS

To begin with, you should know that the UPS you choose must have at least three plugs (note that many have only two, although it is common to find them with four electrical outlets), one for the PC, one for the monitor and one for the router, important if you are playing online games, since it would be of little use for the PC to remain on if the power goes out but the router turns off and you lose the Internet connection.

On the other hand, you should look for a UPS that is quite oversized in terms of power and battery capacity, since a gaming PC consumes a lot when you are playing games. The more power the UPS has (in VA) the more autonomy time you will have if the power goes out, and in this regard and if you are really interested in being able to continue playing if the power goes out, perhaps you should look at industrial models, designed for large servers consumption but that will obviously give you the service you need in a gaming PC.

All in all, you should be aware that depending on the consumption of your PC while you play, no UPS is going to give you autonomy to spend hours playing, and at most you will have 15-20 minutes to wait for the power to come back on, raise the automatic or Finally, having to turn off the PC by hand before it shuts down due to lack of power, running the risk of damaging something.

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