Do you play Fortnite and want to improve? you need this keyboard

There are all kinds of keyboards on the market that surely adapt to each one of us and especially to our pocket, but when it comes to a peripheral like this intended for a game exclusively because the rest do not interest us or we do not prioritize them then everything gets complicated. If we talk about a title like Fortnite, the models you had in mind may no longer be as valid, because this game has such a particular dynamic that we like it or it does not require certain features. Which is the best keyboard to play fortnite?

Choosing is not going to be easy, but among all the options we are sure that you have to have a gaming keyboard to maximize our performance in this popular title. For this reason, we are going to give you the basics of what we consider necessary and essential for this peripheral that is equal to or more important than a good gaming mouse.

What to keep in mind to choose a keyboard for Fortnite?

Well, in this case there are three fundamental pillars where the choice in our case is clear, but it could vary according to tastes or pockets, where these arguments would also be maintained: speed, size and additional information/keys.

Why does size matter here? Well, because it is a game where the number of keys to use, although it is not as high as in other titles such as WoW or LoL, it is still important. The problem lies in the second pillar to be treated, speedsince the number of performances per second is higher than an MMO, but it combines strategy and different options, hence its complexity.

Therefore, if we want speed we need a TOP switch and an ergonomic position that allows us to feel comfortable, so a TKL version We see it as ideal for this keyboard for Fortnite. As for the switches, we are going to choose a keyboard that integrates not only very fast ones, but also ones that are customizable and thus will adapt to our game.

For all that has been said and knowing that as a rule the price is a limiting factor, we are going to see which is the best keyboard to play Fortnite without leaving the bank account with cobwebs in the process.


Ozone Battle Royale

It is possibly the best that we can find at a competitive price without sacrificing practically any quality that higher-end keyboards have. We are talking about a mid-range keyboard that is more than interesting because to its credit it integrates Cherry MX RED switches that logically can and do have RGB capacity with up to 16.8 million colors.

Therefore, we are talking about a keyboard with one of the best switches on the market in terms of speed and touch, as well as response time that integrates full anti-ghosting technology, G-Mode function, the possibility of disabling the Windows key as well as 12 media keys.

As expected in this type of keyboard and in the brand, this Battle Royale allows the configuration of each key individually from its software, which, together with its compact dimensions, makes it perfect to take advantage of this game, becoming the best keyboard in quality and price for Fortnite.

Ozone Battle Royale Process RMA

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