Do you play while you work? With these Steam tricks you will not be caught

Steam It is much more than a simple store, it is a complete social platform to play. In it we can have friends (or simply acquaintances) to see in the friends list and with whom we can chat and play. However, like any other social platform, in addition to our friends, also other people (surely unwanted) can see what we are doing, for example, playing during working hours. And, if so, there may be a more than justified reason for our dismissal. Unless, of course, we follow these tips to avoid getting caught.

Control your friends list

If we are one of those who add everyone to our friends list, we should still think twice before continuing to do so. All those people who do not belong to our circle of trust can pose a problem for our privacy, and reveal information that does not interest us. For example, that we are playing instead of working.

Therefore, the first way to avoid being caught is control the people we have added to the friends list. And, if we have people from work, or people we don’t know, the best we can do is remove them from the list. Even if we are radicals, block it to prevent it from following us again.

Block Steam Friend

This way we will avoid being caught and told that we do what we shouldn’t when we shouldn’t.

Use Steam Stealth Mode

To play the games that we buy in the Valve store we must be connected to the platform, especially if the game is online or has some type of DRM. However, that does not imply being connected to the chat. Within the client we can find the possibility of changing our status from «Connected» to «Invisible“Or”Disconnected«.

Invisible Steam Chat

In this way, the friends that we have added to the program will not be able to see our status, and they will not know if we are playing or not.

Configure Steam privacy options

Setting your Steam privacy settings correctly can also help. This can help us choose who can see the information on our profile and prevent some details that go unnoticed, such as achievements or recent activity, from revealing surprise.

We can make our profile totally private and nobody can see our data, or let only our friends (if we have the filtered and controlled list) can see this information.

Change the name of the game

In addition to the games that we buy in the store, the client also allows us to add non-Steam games to have them in the library. And, since they are not games recognized by the program, it allows us to give it the name and icon we want. Thus, when opening the game from Steam, we will appear as using that program, even though we are actually playing any other game.

Steam Game is not from Steam

With this simple trick we will prevent others from knowing that we are playing when in reality we should be doing other things. Of course, we must use it with caution so as not to attract attention.

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