Do you see an error when opening an ebook with Caliber? Reasons and solutions

This is an interesting open source software solution that we can download and use for free. Its developers put at our disposal several versions for multiple operating systems and platforms and thus cover the needs of the majority. The program as such is full of functions that allow us to manage and carry out all kinds of treatments with our e-books.

This means that, if you want or need to carry out any type of work with a bookCaliber can probably help us. Keep in mind that the program itself has an electronic book reader, it allows us to convert between formatsmodify metadata, or even change its content. All this not to mention the management functions of our libraries in order to have all these files correctly located and ordered.

However, despite all the virtues that this open source software for ebooks offers us, as is usual in many programs, it is not exempt from some problems. Whether due to own failures or the application itself, sometimes your performance is not as desired. In fact, sometimes we are going to find an error when trying to open content with these characteristics. It must be borne in mind that the reasons for all this may be several, as we will see.

Reasons why an error appears when reading in Caliber

When trying to open an electronic book in the program to start reading it, we must bear in mind that in reality this is just one more file. Therefore, in case we have deleted or changed disk location the same, although the cover appears in Calibre, the program is not able to locate it, hence the error. Therefore, we just have to return the content to its original location, update the library, or create a new one.

Something similar will happen in the case that the file, for whatever reason, has been damaged. As happens with the rest of the files, when trying to open a defective ebook, the corresponding program will send us a message informing us of the problem. In that case we should try to get another copy of the same file.

Likewise, it may be the case that we are trying to open a content in a unsupported format with this program. This is something that is generally not going to happen, since caliber is characterized by its high compatibility, but it is not infallible. Likewise, it may be the case that the content as such has been internally manipulated in such a way that the program is not able to execute it as it should.

Likewise, it may be the case that we have changed the location of our library entirely. And not just the disk location, but we also have the possibility of storing it on another drive, so Caliber can’t find the e-book we want to open and displays an error. Here it is enough to return it to its initial location. With everything and with it and to avoid failures in this sense, as usual, we recommend keep the program updated at all times.

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