Do you share Chrome with other people? This perfect function so that they do not spy on you

In the office it is possible that several workers have access to the same computer where we also have the aforementioned Chrome installed. The same thing can happen at home if our children or siblings also use the same PC and therefore the same default browser. Obviously, depending on the use we make of this specific application, on certain occasions we will be interested in keeping our privacy safe.

We must bear in mind that this type of application usually stores a good amount of personal data related to browsing. This means that any other user who has access to Google Chrome will be able to see them. Here we refer to the passwords stored, websites that we visit, data from forms, and much more. If we have nothing to hide or hide, in reality it will not matter to us. But in the event that we want to maintain our privacy in this application, it is recommended that we take certain measures.

The browser puts at our disposal a good number of functions especially focused on keep our privacy. But most of them refer to external elements that we can find when moving around the internet. However, there is one feature that we should know about to keep our privacy internal or just to separate the data of different users.

Take care of your privacy when sharing Google Chrome

With this what we really want to tell you is that we already share our computer with Chrome with another person, or we are many more, this is a function which we should use. Not only to maintain our privacy, but also to keep the data of other users of the application safe. Here we refer specifically to the use of profiles. This is a feature that we have had at our disposal for some time in the Internet navigator and that will be very useful in these cases.

To access this function that we are talking about, we only have to click on the icon of our user that is located in the upper right corner when opening the application. In the contextual menu that appears we find different options where we have the possibility of creating new profiles from Google Chrome. This means that each of the people who use these software solutions on a regular basis should create their own independent profile. In this way, what we will basically obtain are advantages in terms of use and privacy.

With this that we tell you what we achieve is that each person who uses the program accesses it from their own user and thus the application automatically saves the data stored in that account. Therefore, neither the recordnor the markers, nor the passwords will be mixed with the information of the rest of the profiles. When we have all these created, every time someone opens the browser, they only have to click on the aforementioned icon.

At that moment, all the profiles that have been registered in the program will appear so that each one can choose their own.

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