Do you use a Raspberry Pi with your Smart TV? Tips to improve your performance

The Raspberry Pi has become one of the best options to consider if you want to turn any television into a Smart TV, or improve its functions. And it is that this small equipment can be converted into a mini NAS, used to enjoy Kodi… Options are not lacking. And for this we have prepared a simple guide with the best tricks to improve the performance of your Raspberry Pi.

Just as we have explained other tricks so that you know how to configure Emby Server on a Raspberry: the alternative to Kodi and Plex, or our opinion of the Raspberry Pi 4, now we want you to make the most of the possibilities of this interesting device.

Improve the performance of your Raspberry Pi with these tricks


If you use the Raspberry Pi to navigate, you should disable JavaScript

you may want use raspberry pi to surf the internet. But you should set your browser to consume less resources, avoiding opening too many windows or disabling JavaScript. To do this, you must go to the Settings of your browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other, and in the Privacy and Security section disable JavaScript.

Use a lightweight layout

Raspberry Pi has all kinds of distributions to squeeze its possibilities. But the ideal is to look for a light one, especially if you have a very basic model. you can try with Raspberry Pi OS Lite since it works really well, available at this linkalthough there are other options to take into account, such as Diet Pi, available through this link.

Use an external drive or a fast microSD

Undoubtedly, a fundamental aspect for avoid performance problems on our Raspberry Pi It has to do with the storage unit. The speed of the microSD card is vital, so you should go for a class 10 model to enjoy good performance. In addition, we want to take advantage of recommend that you install the operating system so that the Raspberry Pi boots directly from a USB or SSD. With this, your performance will be much better. We leave you several models that offer perfect reading and writing speeds for your Raspberry Pi

Delete software you don’t need

Many Raspberry Pi distributions come with programs that you don’t need at all. So, the first thing you should do is uninstall them, because the more memory there is available, the better the performance of your player will be. We also recommend that you search for all traces, since sometimes the uninstall is not done completely.

Use a proper micro USB cable

Last but not least, use a proper micro USB cable. Do not use that cable that you had at home, since it is probably already a few years old and its performance in terms of voltage will not be the most adequate. Find a cable compatible with your Raspberry Pi models and you will enjoy improved performance.

As you may have seen, there are several very simple tricks that you can apply so that your Raspberry Pi works like silk. So, do not hesitate to apply these tips to enjoy the best experience when you are using this equipment with your Smart TV.

Finally, we invite you to read this article where we explain the best ways to choose a NAS to set up a cloud at home and create your own personalized Netflix in the easiest way. More than anything because you can use your Rabsberry Pi for it…

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