Do you use Chrome and Edge? This is the best news that could come

Google Chrome it is by far the most widely used web browser in the world. However, Microsoft is doing it right this time, and its new browser, edge, little by little it is gaining ground, placing itself in second place. Both Google and Microsoft are constantly releasing new functions and features to add value to your browser and make it stand out from the rest. However, the latest addition that Microsoft has included in its Edge browser is, without a doubt, one of the best features we could wish for.

One of the reasons why it is difficult for us change web browser It’s because of our data. If we have been using Chrome for a long time, for example, we will have all our data synchronized with Google servers: favorites, passwords, settings, etc. Although we can change the browser at any time, and import the data the first time we log in, the moment we use Chrome once again, the data will no longer be synchronized between both browsers.

This is the pending task of all web browsers, and it is probably the main reason why many users do not even dare to give other browsers a chance. Luckily, Microsoft has just found the formula to try to end this problem.

Edge and Chrome sync data every time we open them

The edge version 104 (still within the canary branch) has come up with a new feature that precisely attempts to address this. What this new feature does is, every time we open the browser, it allows us to import all the new data from Google Chrome into Edge. Among other data, what we can synchronize with Edge when opening the browser are passwords, auto-fill information, payment information, history, cookies, and even open tabs.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to import new favorites or extensions that we have installed, although the options are already included, and Microsoft promises that in the very near future this will also be possible.

Edge Canary - Sync data with Google Chrome

In this way, we can use Microsoft Edge as the main browser and, if at any time we want to use Chrome, we can start using the Google browser without worrying about the changes we make. When we reopen Edge, all data will be synced back to the default Windows browser.

When version 104 hits the stable branch, this feature will be available to all users. However, for now, we will only have it in the Canary, which we can download here.

Hopefully something similar to Google’s browser will arrive

For now, this feature is exclusive to Edge. This means that we can only copy data from chrome to edge, but not the other way around. Bookmarks, passwords, and other data on Edge won’t automatically sync with Chrome when you open Google’s browser.

We hope that Google will reconsider and eventually include a similar feature that makes it easier for users to sync data from Edge to Chrome itself. This would be the only way to be able to use both browsers interchangeably, and allow users to switch between them without any problem. However, knowing Google, unfortunately, it is something unlikely to happen.

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