Do you use headphones on PC? Three supports to have them placed

It is normal for those who spend hours and hours playing on the computer to always have headphones on hand to hear better what happens in the game. Especially if it is a multiplayer title in which it is common to be part of the audio chat where colleagues tell where they are deploying, what enemies they have seen or how much fun they had in the University class that same tomorrow.

Order things well, man!

The fact is that not only to play we need good headphones with a microphone. In recent times in which half of humanity has decided to become streameralso a system is necessary to speak and listen to the retransmission and avoid coupling the audio signals that are heard through the speakers and that end up being captured by the microphone. So the presence of a peripheral capable of keeping our desk tidy is more necessary than ever.

That accessory is a helmet holder, which allows us to keep them located in height on the table and, while giving an organized appearance, it helps preserve the integrity of the pads and the structure of the peripheral itself. So we have selected three models for you gamer of these supports that, in some cases, even have other characteristics that make it even more interesting for you. Here we go.

Three stands with many lights

One quality that we have sought is, precisely, that all the supports have a gamingthat it will fit perfectly with other peripherals like mice or keyboards that usually have this type of LED lights. The first of them is The G-Lab K-Stand, which has lighting on the front, support for a single helmet and a hub with two USB 2.0 where we can connect the headphones themselves or any other device that we need on the computer. . It is also compatible with consoles.

The second of the supports is the New Bee, which is much more discreet, offers LED lighting but not as bulky as the previous model, and on its back it has two USB ports, one A and the other C, where we can connect the mobile to recharge its battery while we play with the computer. This is a model for a single headset, which will stay much better protected than on the table and resting all its weight on the ear pads.

The last of the supports that we have selected for you is the funniest of all because the piece that holds the helmets is a single LED light that we can configure easily thanks to a touch control on the front, making it much more spectacular than the others. As if that were not enough, it also has two extra USB ports (type A) in the rear area, to connect additional peripherals to the PC or mobile phones that we need to charge thanks to the energy transmitted by this type of connection. Without a doubt, he is the prettiest, right?

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