Do you use Internet Explorer? Starting tomorrow you will not be able to navigate with it, but there are alternatives

Although it is clear that the internet explorer browser It hasn’t been anywhere near as used as it was a few years ago, it was still there. In fact, on many occasions there were those who had to resort to this historic program. For example after installing Windows from scratch, in case there is a problem with the main browser or simply as another option. However, from tomorrow it is history and we will tell you what you can use as an alternative.

Internet Explorer closes

It is not something that catches us by surprise, far from it. In fact Internet Explorer was already coming disabled with windows 11. However, it was still possible to use it on Windows 10, which is still a widely used operating system. Perhaps those who can notice this change the most are the companies that continue to use this browser. But, as we say, there are also many home users who for one reason or another have been using it over this time, for example to load old websites that could not work properly with other programs.

This change will arrive as an update to microsoft edge, which is the browser that you will be able to use as an alternative (if you want to continue using one from Microsoft). Once it is updated, it automatically makes Internet Explorer unusable and is also an irreversible process.

From that moment on, when you try to run Internet Explorer, what will happen is that Microsoft Edge opens directly. Is this other browser widely used? The truth is that no, despite the efforts of Microsoft. Probably many use it simply to download from there another browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

As we say, it has not been something that caught us by surprise and it is that Microsoft has already removed it from many versions of Windows 10, although they did not delete the files and it has been able to be used all this time.

Internet Explorer is no longer secure

Alternatives to Internet Explorer

If for some reason you want or need to continue using Internet Explorer, all is not lost. The first option you have is to use Microsoft Edge and use within the IE mode. It is a solution that Microsoft introduced precisely to make it easier for certain users who have no other option than to continue using Internet Explorer, but without really having to use that program.

You can also use Microsoft Edge as a browser and forget about Internet Explorer. It was Microsoft’s bet to compete with other browsers. Although it is not used as much as they would have liked, we can say that it is a stable, secure program and that in general it works well.

The third option is simply switch to another browser totally different. Undoubtedly the most popular in Spain is Google Chrome. However, there are many others such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera… Each one has certain peculiarities, but all of them serve the main purpose: surf the Internet. Sometimes a website does not load well in Chrome or Firefox and you have to use other alternatives such as Edge.

As you can see, from tomorrow Internet Explorer will also close on systems with Windows 10. Using the IE mode option in Microsoft Edge or using other browsers such as Chrome or Mozilla will be the solution for many.

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