Do you use iPhone and Windows? You will be interested in the new iCloud

In the event that you want to transfer the photos from an iPhone to a Windows PC, it is necessary to have a specific iCloud program developed by Apple. In this way, you will have your entire library synchronized on your Windows, so you do not always need to have a Mac to be able to enjoy these features. Now this program has been updated iCloud for Windows with extra features that you are sure to take advantage of. We tell you everything new below.

Now you can have quality photos in Windows

Apple with its latest iPhone has strengthened the quality with which photos and videos are taken. If you are a professional in these fields, you surely know ProRAW and ProRes codecs. These store much more information about photos or videos, increasing their quality significantly, but also increasing their weight. Until now, these multimedia files could not be shared with a PC at this quality due to the lack of compatibility with the program itself.

Now this has been resolved in a satisfactory way with this update that you can download for free. This means that if you edit photos on your Windows PC, you can make use of these raw files and achieve the highest possible quality. This is very good news as we have previously commented for all professionals.

iCloud now gets rich on Windows

Unfortunately Apple did not include many features in the iCloud application for Windows. This made it uncomfortable to work, for example with the file cloud, as the same tools as on an iPhone or Mac were not available. That is why we are in luck in this update, since functions such as the possibility of add or remove people to a shared folder. In addition, it has also been enriched with Contacts, Photos or Mail functions. This makes it interesting to have iCloud installed if you have an iPhone, but not a Mac.

iCloud Windows 11

On iPhone or Mac iCloud can act as a password manager. That is, they store the login information of the different applications or websites. Now this functionality can be exploited in iCloud since summer, but now it is enriched again. Apple’s password generator is now integrated into the application to be able to generate keys that are completely secure. This will make you always use a different password as recommended by all security experts.

In the event that in your case you are using Windows normally, you should know that this update is completely free. In this case, you simply have to access the Microsoft Store to be able to carry out the corresponding update or installation. That is why at no time should you access the Apple website to carry out the installation. This is also a good time to ensure compatibility with the new Windows 11 that is already being extended to all PCs that are compatible with this version.

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