Do you use macOS? 5 reasons to move (or not) to Windows

Legend has it that when you try an Apple computer with macOS, you never want to go back to another operating system like Windows or Linux. And it is that Apple knows how to take good care of its users by offering products with a spectacular design, excellent support, good updates, a perfect ecosystem and great security. However, many times we are missing the opportunity to try new things, or we simply accept certain limitations that, if we had opted for another operating system, such as Windows, we would not have to do.

It is true that, if we already have a Mac, and we do not plan to change in the short term, we will not be able to switch to windows seamlessly. It is true that we can install the Microsoft operating system on the computer, but it does not work as well as it does on a generic PC, nor will it give us all the performance that we can expect. But, if we are thinking of buying a new PC, it may be worth knowing these 5 reasons why we can leave macOS aside and give Windows a chance.

The first, the price

Apple products are expensive. And it is not for less, since the manufacturer offers a closed ecosystem, designs with very careful premium finishes, and unparalleled user support and assistance. However, when it’s time to renew the products, be it the smartphone, the tablet, or the computer, we can start preparing the portfolio.

If we are tight on money, it is still time to give windows a try. Computers prepared for the Microsoft operating system are infinitely cheaper than those of Apple, in addition to generally having a much higher power for less price, necessary to be able to run Windows smoothly, and perfect for performing other types of tasks.

If you’re going to play, forget Mac

Macs are not gaming computers. It is true that we can play with them, since there are games for Apple and even Steam works on macOS. But they are not optimized for it. First of all, the power is limited, which makes games not run very smoothly. Except for very specific models, top of the range, they also do not have a dedicated graphics card for games. And, of course, the catalog is very very limited.

steam games

If we want to play, it is better to bet on Windows. Considering that we can find “gaming” laptops for less than the cost of any Mac, it is a great opportunity.

More freedom

macOS is very good to work with others apple products. The connection and interaction with an iPhone, some AirPods, and even an iPad. However, if we use other systems, such as Android, connectivity is already drastically limited. And, then, it already makes no sense for a Mac.

If we bet on Windows, or Linux, we will be able to have better connectivity outside of the Apple ecosystem. We will be able to use this system with any other device, and connect any peripheral, without having any compatibility problem.

Windows 11 has changed the interface

One of the reasons why users stayed with Apple is because of the macOS interface, a much more rounded and modern interface, at least at first glance. However, Microsoft has worked hard to change this, and with Windows 11 he has achieved it.

Windows 11 - Start Desktop

The new Microsoft system has a totally renewed interface, with icons centered in the purest Dock style, rounded corners, and many details that, without a doubt, will convince you.

Apple is getting along better with Microsoft

Finally, more and more Apple products and services are leaving the ecosystem to reach more users. One of the latest arrivals to Windows has been the iCloud and photos in the cloud, now being much easier to access the entire company cloud.

In addition, Apple is working on native applications so that Windows users can see Music Y TV comfortably and without the need to rely on a Mac.

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