Do you use Maxthon? These 4 accessories will shield your security

When choosing the Internet browser that we want to use in our day-to-day with the computer, we must be clear about our priorities. There is no doubt that, if we want to focus on privacy and security, one of the most interesting alternatives here is Maxton.

To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, in this case we find an internet browser based on the chrome engine. This is the same used by other popular proposals such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Opera, among others. But at the same time, one of the main characteristics that this alternative presents us with is everything related to privacy that it offers us. So much so that even its top managers offer us this important feature as one of the benchmarks of their project.

It is also worth knowing that the browser we are referring to is based on technology blockchain which has been talked about so much lately. But when it comes to taking care of your data, especially when we talk about Internet, some users want to go one step further. That is why they also have the possibility of installing some accessories that increase this type of protection and secure program setup.

We must bear in mind that by default Maxthon offers us some interesting functions in this sense. For example, we find a functionality that offers us private browsing without leaving any trace of our movements on the Internet. In addition, by default, the program avoids the most vicious windows that we can find on somewhat doubtful web pages.

Extensions that improve the security of the Maxthon browser

But as we mentioned before, sometimes we want to go a little further or at least focus this security and privacy in some specific sections. Precisely for all this, below we will talk about some accessories that improve the security of this already private program. Before we have to access these elements we can go to the program menu and open the option More tools / Extensions.

  • Safe Torrent Scanner: the usual downloads of torrent files through P2P networks, surely they will value this extension in fair measure. And it is that it is in charge of automatically analyzing the files that we are going to download in order to avoid the arrival of malware on our computer.
  • ClearCache: quickly eliminates items stored automatically in your Maxthon browser and thus do without what we do not want on the computer. In addition, we prevent blockages in the program and improve its general operation on many occasions.
  • Proxy Switchy Omega: For a long time the use of a proxy has been used to increase the security of all kinds of programs. This is something that can be extended to the browser that we are talking about in these lines and that we can achieve thanks to this extension that we are commenting on. We only have to activate it from the official Maxthon store in order to benefit from all its advantages.
  • Avast Online Security: adds all the security offered by one of the most popular antiviruses out there, directly to your Maxthon browser. This will considerably increase the security of our Internet browsing, avoiding the arrival of malicious codes from all kinds of web pages.

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