Do you use multiple clouds? Join them and enter them quickly with these programs

If we want to start working with cloud storage platforms to always have a backup copy of all our files at hand and, incidentally, have them always accessible from anywhere and from any device, the best thing we can do is analyze which is the best platform of all those available that best suits both the price we are willing to pay and the ecosystem we use regularly. But, if paying is not an option there is no problem.

And we say that it is not a problem because we can combine the free space that we have at our disposal through Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and others through a platform or application with which we can access indistinctly to all of them as if it were physical storage units and thus always have all the data we need without having to use several browser tabs.

Next, we show you 3 methods to be able to gather all the files stored in different cloud storage platforms in one place and, incidentally, to be able to copy and move files interchangeably if we want to dedicate each new one to a single purpose.


Cloudevo is an application where we can add all the cloud storage platforms we want, platforms that will be accessible from the application itself without the need to use a web browser. In addition, it allows us copy and move content just like we do with the file explorer. The application shows us both the space that we have occupied at that moment and the free space, so we can also manage the space without having to access the corresponding platform. The free version of this app is more than enough for most users with basic needs.


Another interesting option that we have available to access the most used cloud storage platforms from a single place is found in RaiDrive. The Raidrive application is responsible for mounting the cloud storage platforms that we create as storage units and they are available in the file explorer, which allows us not only to buy free and occupied space, but also to copy and move files according to our needs in a very comfortable, fast and simple way. Although it is a paid solution, the free version is ideal for home users without many pretensions.



If we don’t like to depend on applications, but we like to use the browser for everything, but we don’t want to switch between tabs to access all cloud storage platforms, the solution we are looking for is called MultCloud. MultCloud is an online platform that allows us to gather in a single place the access to all platforms storage in the cloud that we usually use to not only access its content, but also to move content between them without having to previously download it to the computer.

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