Do you use this popular program with Minecraft? Do you have a PC full of viruses?

We cannot deny that one of the games that has made history has been Minecraft. This popular sandbox game, created by Mojang, and currently owned by Microsoft, continues to have millions of players around the world, especially after the arrival of the Java and Windows versions on Game Pass. One of the main features of this game is the freedom that the player has to use mods. However, one of the most popular is putting your PC at risk.

Mods allow users to experience Minecraft like never before. Thanks to them we can play in all kinds of worlds, with different skins, and with different game experiences. In order to easily manage mods, and not have problems switching between the original game or between one mod and another, it is necessary to have a launcher. This one takes care of save different minecraft settings and activate one or the other depending on the mod we want to play. In addition, it allows us to have several versions of Minecraft at the same time for those add-ons, or mods, that only work on certain old versions.

There are several Minecraft launchers to choose from, but one of the most popular is Tlauncher. With this program we will be able to download all the versions of the game we want, as well as access a series of configurations to optimize it and make it easier for us to use mods, modpacks and other modifications with the certainty that we won’t have compatibility problems.

However, apart from being the most popular, this Minecraft launcher hides a dark secret.

Minecraft + Spyware = Tlauncher

That this launcher hides malware is not something new. It’s been several months since Reddit started talking about it. However, recently many security experts have come out to talk about the issue on social networks, demonstrating how this apparently harmless program is dangerous for our security.

We can download and install this launcher from its website without any problem. And analyze our computer with all the antivirus that we want so that none of them will give us a single warning. However, inside the %appdata% folder we can find two suspicious files: “Javaw” and “Skin+Cape TL4”. These files seem harmless. However, as time goes by, TLauncher deletes them and changes them to other versions. These are usually normal and harmless versions, but in the end, they end up changing these files to modified versions with spyware that begins to monitor user activity.


As the antiviruses have considered that the program was legit (after all, the first time we installed it, it is), the new files that are downloaded by default are considered legit, although, in reality, they hide the threat .

The spyware that TLauncher installs on computers is very advanced, and has the most advanced persistence techniques. Therefore, getting rid of it is very complicated, almost impossible. The only solution is to format the PC and reinstall Windows from scratch.

Do you want a good pitcher? Use MultiMC

Luckily, not all pitchers are the same. There is a great alternative to TLauncher, called MultiMC, which is positioned as the best option for those who want to have control over Minecraft. This program is completely free and open source, and it also allows us to create different instances of the program to launch the version, or mod, that we want in a much easier way.


This program, as we explained, is completely free, safe, and you can download it from here.

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