Do you use Windows 10? Get ready, Microsoft is going to force this update on you

In fact, below, we are going to talk about an update that you are going to receive yes or yes in this commented version of the operating system. Specifically, we have referred to the fact that, whether we want it or not, we are going to receive the update that we will talk about now if we continue working on Windows 10. Here we are referring to software that Microsoft is beginning to consider outdated, especially at the design level .

That is why it is betting so much, for a few months now, on Windows 11. The company gives us the opportunity to migrate to the new version of the operating system completely free of charge, in fact, sometimes it even forces us to do it, or tries. At the moment it does not force you to migrate and leave Windows 10, at least until in the next year 2025 stop receiving official support. But what the software giant is making an effort to do is that we use the latest version of the operating system that it is beginning to consider outdated.

As an example, now we tell you that Microsoft will force Windows 10 users to update to the 22H2 version of the system. We tell you all this because now the software giant has announced that it will automatically update all versions of Windows 10 to the aforementioned 22H2, something that probably not everyone will like.

Why Microsoft chooses this version of Windows 10

First of all, we must keep in mind that this update that is going to come to us by force to Windows 10, 22H2, will be carried out on both consumer and business devices. This is something that has already been made public by the software giant so that users are prepared.

Windows 10 22h2

It must be said that the previous version, 21H2, will reach the end of its useful life on June 13, 2023. Therefore, the firm has made a determination to automatically update all Windows 10 users to the latest version. Their main goal, and from Microsoft’s point of view, is to keep them protected. He will take care of all this windows update which will automatically start the feature update for both consumer and enterprise computers.

Although the 22H2 is not a major update or includes new features, there is a clear reason why the firm has opted for it. First of all, as this is a minor update it doesn’t take long to install. At the same time, Microsoft has opted precisely for this version because it is the latest version of Windows 10. This move will help the firm to ensure that its users continue to receive security updates monthly. They help keep compatible computers up to date with the latest security patches.

windows update

It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet when 22H2 will start to be pushed, but knowing that Windows 10 21H2 will be coming to an end on June 13, it’s likely that the automatic update will happen before then.

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