Do you want a Hotmail or Outlook account? Steps to create it

This change has confused many users, as it is possible maintain our hotmail account like, even though we’re using the Outlook service instead. New users can create either an, or account. Therefore, Outlook and Hotmail are the same email service, but with a different name.

Steps to create a Hotmail account

If we want to register a new Hotmail email account for free, we just have to follow a few simple steps. The first thing we must do is access the Outlook web and click on the button Create free account.

On the next page we must enter the name of our, always bearing in mind that it must be unique, no spaces and no special characters like (@,#,¬,& etc) and being able to use numbers, letters and numbers, as well as choosing the domain. By default, appears on the right side, although if we display it, we have the option to choose, or the one that interests us in this case Once selected, click Next.

Create account with Hotmail or Outlook domain

Next, we need to enter a password with a minimum of 8 characters that we will use later to access our email account. This must be as secure as possible and it is recommended to mix the use of letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase and even special characters. If we do not want to receive advertising from Microsoft, leave the box “I would like to receive information, suggestions and offers on Microsoft products and services” unchecked and click Next to continue.

Create password for Outlook or Hotmail account

In the new screen, we must introduce our Name and surname. Although we are going to be able to put what we want since Microsoft is not going to be in charge of checking if these data are true or not, it is recommended that they be truthful data, especially if we want to use it professionally. Once finished, click Next.

Create Outlook or Hotmail account name and surname

Next, we are asked for a little more information to configure our account. We must introduce our Date of Birth, which will help Microsoft to provide us with the appropriate settings for our age. In the case of minors under 13 years of age, it will be necessary for the parents or guardians to verify and give consent to the account.

Create Outlook or Hotmail account date of birth

Now and to avoid the automatic creation of accounts by bots, we must solve a catpcha or audio challenge, so that we can verify that we are not a robot.

Create Hotmail or Outlook account audio challenge

Finally, the service will ask us if we want to keep the session logged in so you don’t have to start over the next time. This is useful if we are going to use this account frequently and we do not want to be logging in every time. Otherwise, if we have several accounts that we use regularly, we can mark No. If we are going to mark Yes, it is important that we do it on our main computer where no one else has access.

Create Hotmail or Outlook account stay signed in

Finally, we already have our account created and it will appear on the screen. Now we must choose Outlook layout that we want to use. We can choose the ad experience so that it is read in the most appropriate way, something that we can change later from the Configuration section. We can choose the Default (recommended) or Banner form. Once selected we can start operating with our account.

Choose Outlook layout

Ways to sign in to Windows

Once we have our Hotmail account, we now have different methods to be able to log in from Windows, either from the Outlook web, from its desktop application or by using other third-party clients.

From Outlook web

The easiest way to access our email account from any device is by entering the Outlook web. From here, just click on Start session and enter our data, email address and password. In this way we can access from any web browser without the need to download any type of application to our computer. Without a doubt, it is the best option if we occasionally check our mail or access it from a computer that is not the one we use regularly.

With the Outlook app

Microsoft has its own Outlook application for Windows. This software is part of the office suite of Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365, although it can be used as a stand-alone tool. By accessing and configuring our account with our email address and password, we can always have direct access to all our mail, and even receive notifications every time we receive a new one. It is recommended in the event that we make intense use of our mail.

With third party clients

If we don’t want to use the Outlook web or app, we can also access our account through various third-party email clients that support Microsoft accounts.

Mail and calendar

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 have their own email manager, designed for both personal and professional use. This is compatible with Office 365, Exchange,, Gmail and Yahoo! among others, so we can use both our Hotmail and Outlook accounts without problems, just by configuring our account with our username and password. To start the application, simply use the Start menu search engine and write mail and select it. In case we do not have it installed, we can download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

mozilla thunderbird

We are talking about an email manager that is characterized by being free, open source, multiplatform and, of course, free. This client gives us the same features as Outlook and is more customizable, has themes and extensions to use and is very intuitive. To start using it, just download it directly from its official website. Once installed, we only have to configure our account, entering our email address and password.

Claw’s Mail

It is a free and open source application that acts as both an email manager and a news reader, being compatible with Outlook and Hotmail emails and passwords. Mail can be stored in MH mailbox format and also in Mbox format by using a plugin. In addition, it has an RSS aggregator, calendar, Anti-spam and has the ability to easily import and export emails. We can download it from their website.

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