Do you want a PlayStation 5 Slim? make it yourself

The world of DIY applied to electronics sometimes brings us great surprises, and without a doubt this PlayStation 5 Slim is a perfect example of it. And yes, it is true that in time Sony will launch its own official PlayStation 5 Slim, as we have seen with all previous generations, but if you do not want to wait, and you are willing to assume everything that involves embarking on a project of these characteristics, we have already found someone who tells us how to do it.

Of course, surely you have already imagined it and we confirm it, creating your own PlayStation 5 Slim from a PlayStation 5 is not an easy project. There are quite a few steps that can go wrong, and not a few operations that require enormous precision. But that’s not all, in addition, you will have to make an investment of a few hundred euros (which are added to the price of the console itself), obviously you will lose the guarantee and, if something goes wrong, you will end up with a rather expensive paperweight.

In other words, this is one of those projects available to not too many people, but which are nonetheless very interesting, as they show us design solutions that would not have crossed our minds (possibly, and in this case, neither would Sony’s engineers). Will the PlayStation 5 Slim have an interior design similar to the one in this project? I really shower it a lot, but of course, it won’t be as Slim as the one we can see in the video.

And it is that this creation of DIY Perks, It offers us a PlayStation 5 Slim with a thickness of only two centimeters. Yes, you read that right, just two centimeters, in a radical redesign of what, so far, is the largest console of all those brought to market by Sony. A transformation that, really, I recommend that you see if you like this type of modification, because it will not leave you indifferent.

The most notable point is, without a doubt, the change in the heat dissipation system of the APU and other key components. And it is that much of the thickness of the console is due to it, so to create a PlayStation5 Slim that is only two centimeters thick, its creator chose to design a liquid cooling system with copper plates, in which the pipes are replaced by channels between the plates themselves. Trust me, it’s spectacular.

There is, however, some trick that we could already imagine. The main one is found in the power supply, which in the original console is inside it, but for this PlayStation 5 Slim it has been converted into an external power supply. A little trick that, however, does not detract from the project.

How about? Would you dare to do something like that? Do you think it is worth the risk and investment? Or do you prefer to wait for Sony to launch its PlayStation 5 Slim and not complicate your life?

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