Do you want an Apple Watch Series 7? Take advantage of this discount

The new Apple Watch Series 8, SE and of course, the Apple Watch Ultra have risen in price compared to previous generations. If you add to this that the differences between them are not very great, it means that buying the Apple Watch Series 7 is a fantastic option, even more so if it has the discount that we leave you in this post. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

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Unfortunately for many users, with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8 mainly, Apple has removed the Series 7 from its Apple Store, meaning that all those users who want to buy an Apple Watch can only go for the SE, Series 8 or Apple Watch. Ultra, with its corresponding price increases. However, fortunately there is still stock of Apple Watch Series 7 on Amazon, and on top of that, they have a very interesting discount that we leave you below.

  • Apple Watch Series 7 41mm
    • GPS version
      • Red color (Product RED): no discount.
      • Blue color: not available.
      • Star white color: not available.
      • Midnight color: no discount
      • Green color: 37 euros discount.
    • GPS + Cellular Version
      • Red color (Product RED): no discount.
      • Blue color: 91 euros discount.
      • Star white color: 20 euros discount.
      • Midnight color: 30 euros discount.
      • Green color: 91 euros discount.

  • Apple Watch Series 7 45mm
    • GPS version
      • Red color (Product RED): 54 euros discount.
      • Blue color: not available.
      • Star white color: 34 euros discount.
      • Midnight color: not available.
      • Green color: 30 euros discount.
    • GPS + Cellular Version
      • Red color (Product RED): no discount.
      • Blue color: no discount.
      • Star white color: no discount.
      • Midnight color: no discount.
      • Green color: no discount.


Surely all users who are considering buying an Apple Watch Series 7 are also wondering if it is really worth paying a little less money for it and not going directly to the Series 8. Well, really the only difference between these two Apple Watch models lies in the presence of the temperature sensor in the Series 8which is really only useful for the female public, since it is totally focused on controlling menstrual cycles.

apple watch face

Therefore, and taking into account that the Series 7 offers excellent performance even today, the purchase of this Apple watch is more than recommended, especially considering that the Series 8 has risen in price compared to the Series 7. So, if you are interested in this Apple Watch model, our recommendation is that you hurry up since, as you have seen, the stock of them is running out at times also on Amazon.

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