Do you want an Apple Watch? The Series 8 has an incredible offer

There can be no doubt that Apple devices have a high price, therefore, when users buy a new one, having a good discount is key for them to end up deciding. Therefore, for all those who were thinking of buying the Apple Watch Series 8, in this post we leave you with a really interesting discount that will allow you to save a good amount of money.

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One of those peculiarities that Apple has is that it never offers discounts on its products, that is, all those users who want to buy a new product from the company are going to have to pay the same as those who bought it on the launch day, unless Unless a new version has already been released on the market, then those of Cupertino tend to lower the price of the previous generation, although sometimes they even choose to remove it from the Apple Store.

However, and fortunately for all, Not only Apple sells its products in the online and physical Apple Stores, but there are also other shops and establishments that have this possibility and that, in addition, do offer various discounts even on new Apple releases. That’s just the case with the Apple Watch Series 8 at MediaMarkt, which is heavily discounted on both its 41mm and 45mm versions. In fact, with this reduction, the price increase that Apple carried out with the launch of these models is practically cancelled. Below we leave you the discounts available.

  • Apple Watch Series 8 of 41 mm: 40 euros discount.
  • Apple Watch Series 8 of 45 mm: 40 euros discount.

Is the Apple Watch Series 8 worth it?

This is the big question that many users ask themselves, to what extent is it worth buying the Apple Watch Series 8 and not one of the previous models. Well, the first thing you have to take into account is what differentiates the Series 8 from past generations, and that is that compared to the Series 7 the great addition is the temperature sensorwhich will allow you to have greater control of your sleep phases and, for the female public, also of ovulation cycles.

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In addition, it also has accident detection, something that we hope no one ever has to use, but that can be key to saving the lives of people who have the misfortune of suffering a traffic accident. For the rest of the features, we can say that the Series 8 is the same as the Series 7, however, with the reduction it has in MediaMarkt, we do consider that it is worth buying it before the Series 7, since for a little more than money in the end you have a more current Apple Watch.

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