Do you want an iPhone 12? These are their sale prices

In Amazon we can now find any iPhone 12 on sale and in virtually any storage capacity and color. Whether it is a 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max, it is cheaper than buying them from Apple. If you are thinking of renewing your mobile and someone from this generation attracts you, keep reading because you could Save a lot of money in your purchase, since in the Apple Store they are still at the same price as the one they had when they were released at the end of last year.

Conditions of purchase, is it reliable?

If you have never bought on Amazon or have not done so in amounts of money like that, you should know that they are totally safe purchases. You can even finance them in some cases. Be that as it may, they are totally new and original products, obtaining for them 2 years warranty with Apple management during the first of them and with Amazon during the second. In addition, you can return the product in 30 days if you are not satisfied, obtaining a full refund. The fact that it is also Apple itself who sells them on Amazon and not a third party makes it even more reliable.

The big discounts on the entire iPhone 12 range

As we have been saying, any of the iPhone 12 has reductions in its price, with some paradoxes such as that it is cheaper to buy a cheaper intermediate storage capacity from Amazon than the base from which they start in the Apple Store. Below you can see all the offers that are at the time of publishing this news.

  • iPhone 12 mini 64GB:
    • Blue, white and green color: 150 euros discount
    • Black or red color: 110 euros discount
    • Purple color: 62 euros discount
  • iPhone 12 mini 128GB:
    • Blue, white, black, red or green color: 110 euros discount
    • Purple color: 97 euros discount
  • 256GB iPhone 12 mini:
    • Red color: 140 euros discount
    • Black color: 136 euros discount
    • Green color: 110 euros discount
    • Color blue: 80 euros discount
    • White color: 37 euros discount

IPhone 12 mini cameras

  • iPhone 12 64GB:
    • White, black, red or green color: 142 euros discount
    • Color blue: 110 euros discount
    • Purple color: 46 euros discount
  • 128GB iPhone 12:
    • Green color: 163 euros discount
    • White color: 111 euros discount
    • Black or red color: 97 euros discount
    • Purple color: 87 euros discount
    • Color blue: 82 euros discount
  • 256GB iPhone 12:
    • White color: 184 euros discount
    • Blue or red color: 150 euros discount
    • Purple color: 110 euros discount
    • Black color: 97 euros discount

iphone 12 water resistance

  • iPhone 12 Pro 128GB:
    • Blue or silver color: 40 euros discount
  • 256GB iPhone 12 Pro:
    • Golden colour: 63 euros discount
    • Color blue: 61 euros discount
    • Graphite color: 41 euros discount
    • Silver color: 39 euros discount
  • 512GB iPhone 12 Pro:
    • Graphite color: 141 euros discount
    • Blue, gold or silver color: 47 euros discount

iPhone 12 pro

  • 128GB iPhone 12 Pro Max:
    • Color blue: 47 euros discount
    • Graphite, gold or silver color: 38 euros discount
  • 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max:
    • Graphite, gold or silver color: 80 euros discount
    • Color blue: 58 euros discount
  • 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max:
    • Blue, graphite or gold color: 130 euros discount
    • Silver color: 49 euros discount

iPhone 12 Pro Max white

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