Do you want to be a streamer? This peripheral should not be missing from your PC

In the last five years, since a little before the arrival of the pandemic, live streams on Twitch began to grow and a new generation of content creators began bringing millions of viewers to their channels. If you still intend to be one of these streamerremember that in addition to a good PC you will need a peripheral like the one we bring you today and for which we offer you several alternatives.

Make your streaming simple

If you are about to take the step of becoming streamer I’m sure you already know more or less how it works. You have to take a tool like OBS –or any other similar–, create a program, add scenes to it and then during the broadcast, change them depending on what you show on the screen. If it’s a three-way talk, then he layout where the participants are seen with their cameras; if is one gameplay the game window with you at the bottom right, etc.

Managing these scenes is not complicated but it forces you to move the mouse around the OBS window and click on the one you want to put in the broadcast. The same happens with the sound effects, animations or any other alert that you want to add to liven up the streaming. So if you want to skip a lot of those steps and do it all with a single clickn a button, nothing like the stream deck that are on the market, of different brands and of which we are going to offer you three alternatives.

Manage the broadcast as you wish

These devices have a series of physical buttons to which, through a program, we can assign concrete actionssuch as activating a scene, mute a sound source, activate a camera, etc. It all depends on what you need because they are 100% customizable and easily connect with your broadcast software. And of all the brands that work in this market, Elgato is the most important with a really interesting sample of models.

So we are going to offer you two from this company: one, the cheapest but with fewer physical buttons, that it is the Mini model and that it barely has six keys. It connects via USB to the PC and as we told you, everything is configured through a software that is linked to the program with which we do streaming. So it couldn’t be easier and you also have it at a more than affordable price (or so it seems to us).

Next we are going to put a model that is not from Elgato but that It represents an intermediate step between those of the North American brand. This is the Loupedeck Live that offers up to 15 tactile buttons (they are not physical keys) with haptic feedback, two analog dials that are perfect for raising or lowering the volume of audio sources with a mixing console effect and RGB buttons, for functions macro specific as alerts, etc. It’s not bad, but surely the absence of physical controls does not give the same sensation as in the case of the Elgato models.

And finally we leave you a more Top device, with eight physical buttons, screen with information as useful as audio levels on the microphone, the headphones and the source that is being listened to in the program, as well as four analog dials that control each one of them in a progressive way.

So now you know, if you are (or are going to be) streamerbuy yourself one of these.

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