Do you want to buy an NVIDIA or AMD GPU? This is its new price

All companies want to reverse the current situation, but the truth is that it is not easy to do so and whoever can is making a profit. The bubble in which we live immersed in prices well above the official MSRP was bursting, but the new strategic movements are going to change the chosen route.

Goodbye to graphics card price regulation, hello again speculation

The latest analysis performed shows the erratic behavior of graphics card prices and somehow corrects the downtrend we were seeing. Optimism is on the ground again and as such, the anger of all those who hope to buy a GPU at a fair price rises again.

What we see is really curious, since NVIDIA went from + 304% to “only” + 150% on August 8, while AMD had gone from 214% in May to + 153% at the beginning of July. From these dates everything has been a pure price escalation.

Currently the situation is worrying, since we are talking about a + 159% on NVIDIA GPUs and a + 164% At AMD, we are gradually scaling back in cost to the user as the shelves begin to fill with unsold models. Seeing the prices and their modification, it remains to be known the reasons for this escalation.

There is supply, but there is no demand – what about GPU prices?


All the visions were optimistic, mainly due to the change in Ethereum with EIP-1559 that has lost 136,619 cryptocurrencies for a value of 433,768,155 million dollars. China’s ban on cryptocurrencies was another balm for the market, but then why are GPUs going up in price again?

Basically because of the costs. Samsung and TSMC are raising prices between a 15% and 20% According to what wafers and lithographic processes, the so-called rare earths are overflowing in price, copper has risen in cost and many manufacturers of electrical components have done the same.

What, then, are the forecasts for the following months? Uncertain at least. If Intel enters the market and makes a dent in prices we may see a slight decrease in AMD and NVIDIA, but today nothing suggests that we are going to see a reduction in the price of GPUs, be it gradual or not. The hash rate is at maximum peaks for Ethereum since May of this year, the prices of materials and components will continue to rise, so buying a new GPU right now is a brutal balancing act.

On the other hand, and looking at the stocks of stores with delivery times of less than a week in almost all models, we can only deduce that the number of people who are willing to go through the hoop of these prices is decreasing, because there is supply , but there is no demand.

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