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Fund types

The first thing we come across is the type of background. Here we can available three options to choose from. On the one hand, we can configure any image that we have stored on our computer, we can also establish a solid and uniform color or create a presentation according to a photo album.

In the event that we select an image, we will have below the “Choose an image” section where we can see the last photos that we have used previously in case we want to change to one of them again. We also find the Browse button. Clicking on it allows us to search for the image we want on our computer.

Change wallpaper

In the event that we choose a solid color The “Choose a background color” section will appear, where we have a wide palette of colors available from which we can select the one that best suits our tastes. We also have the option of clicking on the Custom Color section, on the button with a plus symbol (+).

Solid color background

This will bring up a new window where we can find the entire color range to choose the exact tone of our favorite color. We can even set the color tone to the extreme, including RGB (Red, Green and Blue) or HVS (Hue, Saturation and Value) values.

Choose background color

If we choose as type the “Presentation”The “Choose albums” section will appear for the presentation, where we must click on the “Browse” button to choose it from our hard drive. It also allows us to configure the time for the image change (1, 10 or 30 minutes, as well as 1 or 6 hours, or a whole day). We can also activate the “Random order” bars and even make the presentation run, even if we are using the battery.

Choose a setting

Whether we use an image or a presentation, the Choose a setting section appears at the bottom. If we click on the arrow, a menu will be displayed where we can choose one of the following:

  • Fill out: As its name suggests, it is responsible for filling the entire screen with the background, respecting proportions. Of course, we must bear in mind that if it is larger than the resolution we will see only a piece.
  • Adjust: Through this option we can adjust the background in original size to the resolution that we are using on our screen. In this case, if this resolution is lower than the one we use on the monitor, we will check how color stripes appear to fill in.
  • Expand: As we can interpret by its name, this option is responsible for expanding the background so that it fits the screen. Of course, we must bear in mind that it does not respect the proportions, so it can give the feeling of a stretched image.
  • Mosaic: In the event that the fund is smaller than the resolution, it is possible to fill it in based on copies of it. It is a very interesting option for images with a small resolution.
  • Center: this type focuses the background on the desktop. In the event that it is smaller than the resolution, it will create a border around solid color to fill.
  • To extend: finally, we can extend the background to use it in its original resolution. If it is larger than the resolution we will only see a piece of it, as it will not adjust it to see the entire background in question.

Background choose a setting

Once finished and we select the type of background and choose the desired setting, we can close the “Settings” menu to return to the desktop. In this way we can check how it has been established correctly.

Automatically change according to time of day

As we have seen previously, the Presentation mode allows us to rotate between a collection of funds from time to time. Although it is an interesting function, it is far from a similar option that we find in macOS such as Dynamic Desktop, which allows us to change the desktop background of our computer depending on the time of day. Although Microsoft does not have any similar, we can use applications that perform a similar function to that of the Apple operating system.

Wallpaper Change Scheduler

This tool allows us to choose when automatically change wallpaper from our desktop to any image. The program presents several events to choose from, such as a daily or weekly schedule, login and even mouse movement. Once the application is running, it remains active in the background without significantly affecting the performance of the computer. Setting a schedule is pretty easy and we don’t have to turn them on or off or do any other administration-related tasks.


That is why it can be especially useful to show us the time of day in a corner of the screen or as a reminder to turn off the lights at night. We can download it for free from the developer’s website.


It is an application that allows us to adapt the wallpaper of our desktop according to sunrise and sunset times which are selected based on our location. That is why it will only be necessary to choose a topic and enter for the first time and enter the location. In this way, the application automatically changes the color of the operating system’s background.

WinDynamicDesktop choose theme

To do this, the program uses the LocationIQ API to convert our location to latitude and longitude or to use Windows’ own location service. The application is open source and free and offers us a pack of funds already configured to use them to our liking. In addition, we can create our own dynamic backgrounds that the program will take care of automatically changing. We can download it from the Microsoft Store.


Developer: Timothy Johnson

Choose to put a Theme

From the “Personalization” section we can also choose Themes to decorate the background of our desktop. When we talk about a topic, we mean a image combination background, colors and windows and sound. These can be personalized and can be downloaded from different web pages or from the Microsoft Store itself.

From the Change theme section, we can click on «Get more themes in Microsoft Store». This will open the Microsoft application store with a wide collection of themes that we can download for free and that will be applied automatically on the system, changing the background and colors.

Themes and Windows

We can also make use of third-party websites such as, which has a large store of themes organized by categories, such as games, anime, movies, nature and of course, sports. All themes have a high image quality, and are always constantly updated. Simply download the desired theme and double-click on the file for it to be applied automatically.

How to do it in Windows 11

If we want to change the desktop wallpaper in Windows we can do it easily from its own Settings menu. We can access it by pressing the keyboard shortcut “Windows + I”. Then we click on “Customize” in the left bar, while on the right side we select the “Background” option.

Customize the background

Within the Background configuration section, we must look for the option to “Customize the background” and click on its drop-down menu, where we can choose between three types of options:

  • Image: this option allows us to select an image or photograph to use as a desktop background.
  • Solid: through this option we can choose a solid background color for the desktop.
  • Presentation: here we can select a folder of images that we can use as desktop backgrounds that change automatically over time.

The Image option only applies to the desktop that we have active, while the Solid and Presentation options will apply both to the active desktop and to all virtual desktops at the same time.

Choose an image

We can choose to change the appearance of Windows by choosing an image, for which we will have two options available. On the one hand, we can select an image within the Customize background menu. Next, we will have two options, as we can choose to choose an image that we have used recently within the Recent Images section by clicking on any of the thumbnails. On the other hand, we can choose a new photo by clicking on “Browse folders” and choose it from our hard drive. From the drop-down menu we click on “Choose a setting for the desktop image”.

Customize picture as background in Windows 11

From the drop-down menu we can click on “Choose a setting” for the desktop image and select the option that best suits us such as fill, adjust, stretch, mosaic, center and enlarge.

Background settings in Windows 11

Set a solid color

We can also choose to dispense with an image and opt in this case for a solid color, being able to choose one of the preselected background colors within the grid of available colored squares. In the event that we cannot find the exact desired color, we can customize it to our liking from the “See colors” section. From the next window we will have the possibility to choose the exact shade of color that we need. We must take into account the solid color will be applied to all the virtual desktops that we have at the same time.

Solid background color in Windows 11

Set up presentation

Within the background customization options we can choose one slide shows. From here we can find a folder that contains the photos that we want to be displayed as in a presentation. Once the folder is selected, we can set the frequency with which they will appear by clicking on “Change image every”. Likewise, we will have the option to mix the order of the images, disable the slides from being shown in case the battery is low, or choose a setting using the fill, adjust, etc. options.

Background as a presentation in Windows 11

Use a theme

In addition, we will have the possibility of establishing a theme. To do this, from “Personalization”, click on the “Themes” section, from where we can set any of those that are pre-installed such as light, dark, brightness, captured motion, sunrise and flow.

In Windows 11 a theme can be customized with a combination for the background, accent color, light or dark mode, mouse cursor style, and sound. It is possible to configure them individually from their corresponding button. Once finished we can save it by establishing a name for it.

Windows 11 Themes

It is also possible to install new themes downloading them directly from the Microsoft Store, by clicking on the “Browse themes” button, which is just below the section with the thumbnails of the available themes. Many of them are available for free, so it will only be necessary to click on the Free button to have it available and it will be applied automatically.

Microsoft Store Themes

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