Do you want to compete with Ibai? Well, you need these to do stremaing

Streaming isn’t particularly complicated, but you do need certain components to get started. Undoubtedly, three fundamental elements to start in the streaminghow are the microphonethe webcam and the illumination. We have been searching and now you can get a good webcam, a good microphone and a set of lights with up to 54% discount.

Logitech StreamCam

Undoubtedly the most important element for start streaming is the camera. There are many options on the market, but we wanted to choose a solution from a recognized brand that offers good image quality. This webcam is specially designed to be able to make live video transmissions.

One of the most recognized brands in peripherals is LogitechWho offers very good quality webcams. Among its products it has this specific camera for live broadcasts, looking for quality. This camera offers us a 1080p resolution and one 60 FPS capture ratewhich is great.

Something interesting about the camera is that it has a system of face tracking leaning on the artificial intelligence. It also offers us a dynamic focus system to obtain the best shot at all times. In addition, it has a high-quality glass lens to offer an image that is as true to reality as possible.

Logitech StreamCam

HyperX SoloCast

It is not necessary to have a good input microphone, but if we already offer good sound quality, we can differentiate ourselves from the rest. The normal thing is that microphones moderately good are somewhat expensive, but HyperX He wanted to offer a cheaper solution and it’s not bad at all.

We started talking about Pattern of this microphonewhich is of type cardioid. What it tells us is that it will only pick up the sound that comes directly from the microphone, not everything that is behind it. It has a high quality recording system this Condenser microphonewhich connects via USB.

It has in the upper zone a touch button with status LED that allows you to mute it with just one touch. When we activate this mode, the color of the indicator changes and we can rest assured that we have closed the microphone.

This microphone has a flexible support that can be adjusted to suit your needs. In addition, this microphone has a thread to install it on a retractable boom. (Diazepam)

HyperX SoloCast

Neewer 2X

If we already want to have a quality setup that stands out from the rest, we can add some lights. We have found a couple of fairly cheap bulbs that allow you to regulate the power and that come with different filters. The truth is that they are two fairly complete solutions and of very good quality.

Neewer light bulbs allow regulate the brightness by means of some buttons that are on the cable, allowing you to adjust the brightness between 10% and 100%. We can have a soft lighting to transmit at night or a very well lit scene.

These spotlights do not go alone, they come with a adjustable tripod en height that allows up to 22.5 centimeters. The base has three good quality legs, to prevent them from falling over. Without a doubt, they are very interesting spotlights, since with the filters we can generate different environments.

Note that these lights are connected to the computer through a USB port, although we can also connect it to a conventional smartphone charger.

Neewer 2X

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