Do you want to disappear from the Internet? So you can do it

The digital world It has crept into real life, but many people want to run away and disappear from the Internet only to use it when it is badly needed, but can all personal information on the Internet be removed? Many will tell you no, but you could get close to that state.

Keep in mind that if you decide to do what we give you it could affect you in various aspects, since be it family, work or school, Since today the internet and social networks are used for practically everything, so it is something that you should consider very well.

Networks, the first step

Today it is used a lot Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, WhatsApp, among others, but surely you did not remember that you never deleted your profiles on Tumblr, MySpace or Hi5, that same scenario is repeated in online stores, in which you entered data to carry out the transaction, so you would have to do a good memory exercise to erase all the accounts you have opened.

Go to the websites

If you want delete an old post In a forum or blog, you must communicate with the administrator of those sites individually. Same with all the websites you’ve used, but they are not legally required to please you, but if you’re lucky, maybe they will.

Turn to Google

If any site refuses to delete any personal and confidential information, be it your address or a bank account of yours, you can send one request to GoogleWell, in that type of case, you can force someone to erase the data. The removal process may take some time, so you will have to be patient. Of course, you will practically not be able to use the internet at all in the future, since most sites already request data.


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