Do you want to download faster with uTorrent? These tests help you

When we have to share large files over the Internet, one of the best solutions we can use is P2P networks. As a general rule, here we use files in Torrent format for both downloading and uploading. There are many programs that we can use here as clients, and uTorrent is one of the most popular.

These clients that we refer to are the ones that really give us the opportunity to work with these Torrent which we are talking about. In this way we can share our own content with the rest of the world, or download those of other users. The speed that we get here in the connections will depend largely on several factors. Obviously the first of them is the type of native connection that we have. But other elements also come into play, such as the program of this type selected or its setting.

In these lines we want to focus on one of the most used for many years and that we have mentioned before, uTorrent. Despite the criticism received over time, this torrent client he is loved by many. However, as is usual in this type of application, we should configure it to optimize its operation. Here we mean to get the fastest torrent download speed possible. First of all, we must know that, by installing the application, we can start using it without touching anything.

This is especially useful for those inexperienced users in this type of work. But possibly the most advanced will want to use the program’s configuration to improve its operation.

Run these tests on uTorrent to improve downloads

Obviously one of the main objectives that most users are looking for here is download the desired contents in a more fluid way. For all this we can use some of the configuration parameters that the program offers us. But in the event that we are not experts on the subject, the uTorrent client itself offers us a series of tests that we can run from here.

They allow us configure the application first-hand and thus achieve better upload and download rates. For all this that we tell you, the first thing we do is open the program as such and take a look at the menus available on the main interface. In the case at hand, we click on Options / Configuration Guide. Next, we find a new window that offers us some customization parameters for uTorrent’s operation.

To give us an idea, from here we can set our regionor a download limit from the Torrent client. In the same way we will have the possibility of specify the router port that we want to use here, or let the program choose automatically.

But perhaps the most interesting thing that we find in this feature is the possibility of doing a first-hand check. This will allow us to analyze the changes made to see if they improve the performance of the program.

We achieve it by simply clicking on the button run tests that we are at the bottom of the interface. Automatically uTorrent will start up and carry out a series of analyzes automatically. Once they have finished the program itself, we will show the results so that we can change your settings again if necessary.

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