Do you want to download videos from the Internet? Do it with aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher is a free download manager for Windows. With it we can download videos and music from all kinds of streaming platforms and social networks such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Myspace, Metacafe, Break, 123video, Yahoo Video, Facebook, Twitter, among others. Thanks to this we can store them on our hard drive, edit, share and view them without having to be connected to the Internet.

Its main characteristic for which it is especially attractive is its possibility and ease of exporting videos in different resolutions and formats (MPG, AVI, MP4, FLV, among others) and even being able to obtain only the audio from these. Everything does not end here because we can also edit it to change the size, the audio and video codecs, as well as the aspect ratio.

It should also be noted that it allows burn the downloaded videos to DVD and Blu-Ray, and incorporates other very useful additional functions such as capturing screen, converting videos to other formats and recording sound. All this means that we are facing a certainly interesting and complete software that we can obtain without having to pay a single euro.

Of course, we must bear in mind that the objective of this software is that you can download copyright-free videos and content in a completely legal way respecting creative commons rights, so it will depend on the responsibility of each user to make good use of this useful tool.

With aTube Catcher download unlimited videos

This application stands out for being intuitive and very simple to use, which is why it is aimed at all types of users, even those with less experience. This is something that we can check as we started it and we come across its main menu that during the installation we can select to appear in Spanish. At the top we will see four tabs with the different functions it incorporates:

  • Downloander: it is the one that will interest us mainly because it is from this section where we will download the videos.
  • Screen recorder: from here we will be able to record the screen, both in full screen and by window or in a specific area.
  • Video converter: this section will be very useful for converting videos to other formats so that they are compatible with all types of devices.
  • DVD / BluRay / CD Creator: the program has the possibility of being able to record the videos that we download on different optical discs and from this section we can carry it out.
  • Audio capture: this utility will help us to capture and record audio on our computer using the microphone. In addition, it allows you to configure it and record it in different formats.

Next, we will talk about the different sections that this complete program has, becoming an all-in-one tool, with which we can not only download videos, but we also have other series of interesting options that will avoid us having to download another program at the time we want to use it.


From this section it will be where we find the main utility of this program and the reason for downloading it, such as the possibility of downloading videos from different platforms. The process couldn’t be easier. We simply copy the URL of the web where it is hosted and paste it in the “video URL” section.

aTube Catcher output profile

Once this is done, we display the “Output profile” tab in case we want to make a conversion to a different format than the original one. We will have an immense list of formats to choose the one that may interest us the most. We can also choose the path where it will be saved by clicking on “Save in”.

aTube Catcher video resolution

Next, click on Download and a new window will appear where it will give us the possibility to choose a different resolution. In case we want the original, we just have to wait for the countdown to end or press the Download button. Now we just have to wait for the process to finish. At the bottom we have the “Open folder” button to access the downloaded file.

Screen recorder

In this section they will guide us step by step to be able to record the screen of what happens on our PC. From here we can select if we want to make the capture in full screen, only of a window or draw an area that we need. Later we select an audio source, set the output format and select an output folder where to save the resulting file.

aTube Catcher Screen Recorder

Finally, we can select different capture options such as minimizing the program when starting, also capturing the cursor, starting and ending after a certain time, among other options. Once all the steps have been followed, just click on the Start button.

Video converter

From this section we will be able to convert any video that we have to other formats. To do this, just press the Add button to add the video to the interface. Later we will select the output profile, displaying its menu. We will find a wide number of formats to choose from, so it only remains to choose the desired one. Later we can change the folder where the resulting file will be saved and once everything is ready we click on the Convert button.

aTube Catcher Video Converter

DVD / BluRay / CD Creator

This program also has its own recorder that will allow us to transfer our videos from the computer to any optical disc such as DVD, Blu-Ray or CD. To do this we will only have to drag the video or videos and drop them on the program interface or click on the “Add” button. Later we can give the disk a new name, choose a folder where to store the project and the type of disk that we are going to use. Once finished, click on the “Burn DVD” button.

aTube Catcher DVD Creator

Audio Capture

In this last section we will have the possibility of carrying out audio recordings using an output signal such as a microphone or other device. We can choose whether to save them in MP3, Wave, WMA format, choose whether to record in stereo or mode, select the bitrate and the maximum volume. We can also choose the path where the resulting file will be saved. Once finished, we can start the recording by pressing the Start button.

aTube Catcher Audio Capture

Free Download aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher is a completely free software that we can download by clicking on this link to the developer’s website. It is compatible with all versions of Windows so we will not have problems when using it. Its latest version available is 3.8.9961 corresponding to August 16, 2021 so it has a good support policy from its developers.

aTube Catcher unwanted software installation

The program is lightweight and takes up little space on our hard drive. Its installation is done from its own assistant quickly. Of course, we must be careful since will try to get us to install third-party softwares unwanted during it, so we must be careful to decline its installation. This is a bad practice that many applications use to finance themselves and remain free.

Other alternatives to download videos

If we would like to be able to download videos from the Internet, we present some alternatives to aTube Catcher to take into account:


This free tool will allow us to download videos easily from YouTube and 100 other platforms and websites and have them available on our hard drive to view them without the need for an internet connection. They can be downloaded in MP4 format or as audio in MP3 format, with the highest conversion rate. The application is web-based so it will not be necessary to download or install anything on the computer. We can access it by clicking on this link to its main website.

MiniTool uTube Downloader

This free application has three main functions, such as the ability to download videos, audios and subtitles from YouTube without ads, make screen recordings and batch convert audio and video files. With it we can make unlimited YouTube video downloads, supporting downloading, conversion and recording at high speed. To make use of it, just download it for free by clicking on this link to the website of its developers.

Leawo Video Downloader

This very simple and fast program with which you can download videos from streaming platforms such as YouTube. We can perform downloads in both more than 720p or 1080p, as well as download music from more than 1000 different sites, among which is Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Another of its characteristics is that it has an integrated player, which will allow us to play it immediately once we have it downloaded, as well as create a playlist of everything we have downloaded. If we want to use Leawo Video Downloader we can download it from this link to its website.

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