Do you want to have Spotify Premium for free on your iPhone?

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Is there anything better than having all the music at your disposal for free? Well, here we will tell you how to get free Spotify Premium on your iPhone.

There are multiple ways to get this version at no cost, keep in mind that you will have to follow some steps to achieve your goal, we will explain it to you in detail.

Spotify has become one of the apps with the highest download rate in the world, its usefulness is infinite, allowing you to listen to millions of songs and podcasts of different styles and authors, with just one touch. This, clearly, gave way to a paid version with quite attractive features, but an unimpressive price and, of course, we will help you save.

This is why we have created this publication with 3 Easy Ways to Get Spotify Premiumwithout disbursing a single penny.

Spotify Premium free on iPhone with AppValley

The first option that we bring you completely stays away from jailbreak and any alteration of the operating system of your mobile. You probably don’t want to put it at risk.

Logo AppValley

Start by accessing the AppValley website from Safari or whatever your favorite search engine is, once inside, you must swipe until you find the “Install” button. Some permissions will be required so that your device can be made with the application.

This won’t take too long, so you can quickly move on to the next step. Access “Settings”. While in this menu, you should look for “Installation profiles” or “Downloaded profile” depending on your version of iOS. As soon as you find it, tap on “Install”. Wait a few seconds and that’s it. you will have AppValley on your mobile. You may be asked to trust this app or profile in order to gain access.

iPhone, Spotify logo

Now all you have to do is open AppValley and do a search with the term “Spotify ++”, a list will be displayed where you can access said app. Perform the installation and make sure certify your trust in said app before opening it. The path will be Settings> General> Profiles, just check the option and that’s it.

Once all of the above is done, all that remains is to log in to the Spotify Premium Free app for iPhone, we are sure that you will enjoy it a lot.

Enjoy all the benefits of Spotify Premium with AltStore

Finding the Spotify Premium APK for iPhone can be very difficult if you want to avoid installing additional apps. So it will be better trust AltStorea safe app that will allow you to obtain all the benefits of Spotify Premium in a matter of minutes.

To get started, get the app downloading it to your computer from the official website. By now you will know it as AltServer.

AltStore, welcome

Install the program as usual in your operating system. For Mac OS drag AltServer to the applications section. On Windows, open the installation package with a double click.

Continuing with the previous step, open AltServer on the computer, if you have Mac OS, it will ask you to install an additional program called “Mail plug-in”. The latter will allow you to install AltStore on the iPhone.

Almost done, scroll to the Mac OS toolbar and click on the AltServer icon and select “Install AltStore”, culminate by clicking on your iPhone from the drop-down list. In case you have Windows, open the program and perform the same procedure.

After the installation you will see the AltStore icon among the applications of your iPhone.

Get Spotify ++

Thanks to AltServer, there are only a few more steps left to get the Premium version of Spotify without paying a subscription. Get a little closer to the goal looking for spotify ++ .ipa file from Google or Safari, make sure you download the newest version.

Safari, iPhone

You just need to open AltStore and enter “My Apps”, press “+” and you will see the .ipa file that you had previously downloaded. Tap it to proceed to the final installation, enter your Apple ID, is usually required.

Once the process is finished, you will get a version of Spotify that will allow you to create playlists, listen to songs without shuffle mode and without ads. What more can you ask?

TweakBox a quick method to download Spotify ++

If the previous tutorials seemed too long for you, then you need to download TweakBox. This is one of the most widely used alternative application stores today and with the easiest installation process.

TweakBox Logo

Once installed, enter it and be a little patient, it may take time to load. Get Spotify Premium for free searching for “Spotify++”; perform the installation and remember to trust the developer in Settings > General > Profiles.

You’ve done it, you downloaded the Premium version of Spotify completely free!

As you could see, there are different options to achieve your goalRemember that patience can be a useful tool when following any of the processes that we have explained to you. If you liked this tutorial, feel free to take a look at all the ones we have available on our website.

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