Do you want to have the recycle bin always at hand? place it here

The recycle bin is one of the best inventions in computing. Thanks to the recycle bin, we can recover any file that we have intentionally or accidentally deleted during the last 30 days, without having to resort to deleted file recovery applications, applications that do not always work. The recycle bin is like the exit door for the files that we delete on our computer, where they are kept until they are permanently eliminated of our team.

For several versions of Windows, Microsoft has placed the recycle bin in the upper left corner of the desktop, a location that is not the best of all since it forces us to move the mouse considerably to delete the files if we use this method to clean up the team.

With the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has changed the location of the taskbar elements to place them in the lower center of the screen, so that when interacting with this menu we do not have to move our heads or eyes Now that 16:9 widescreen displays have become the standard in the computer industry.

However, during this UI redesign, you have completely forgotten about the recycle bin, Recycle Bin that remains in the same location as always, in the upper left corner of the desktop. If we want to always have the recycle bin at hand, both to access its content and to drag files from any location and on full screen, we can take advantage of this trick and place it on the taskbar.

The trash can always at hand from the taskbar

Regardless of whether we use Windows 10 or Windows 11, the trick that we show you below allows us to have the recycle bin on the taskbar, so it will always be accessible from any application and at hand to access its content without having to log in to the Windows desktop.

The first thing we are going to do is a shortcut on the Windows desktop, using the right mouse button to select NewDirect access. In the file path, we enter the following command:

explorer.exe shell:RecycleBinFolder

Next, click on Next and enter the name with which we want to identify this shortcut and click on To finalize. At this time, a folder with the name we have set will be displayed. By clicking on it, we will see how the recycle bin opens.

Before placing the icon on the taskbar, we must replace the default icon to make it easier to identify. To change the shortcut, we place the mouse over it and with the right mouse button we select the option Properties. Within the file properties, click on change icon and select the one that we like the most and, finally, click on Accept.

change folder icon

Once we have modified the icon of the folder that gives access to the Recycle Bin, we drag the file to the taskbar and the shortcut to the Recycle Bin from the taskbar would already be created.

If we want to use the trash can iconin the window that is displayed when clicking on Change icon, in the Search for icons in this file section, we introduce the following path.


change folder icon

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