Do you want to invest in contemporary art and don’t know where to start?

The art-tech, Saisho, comes to the market to revolutionize contemporary art: this Spanish platform wants us to lose our fear of investing in this type of goods. How? With traceability of the investment and with training to provide us with an expert criterion.

To be sure, the majority of people who acquire art, either as a collector or as an investor, have a main barrier to entry. and we are not talking about the price (Contemporary art, in particular, is not one of the most expensive). This barrier has to do with knowledge, with training in art: «I like it but this is not for me, because I don’t understand about it ».

The traditional art market, moreover, has not helped to change that vision: art is still seen as something elitist, expensive, within the reach of only a few pockets. Is this really so? Not at all and that is why Saisho sees the light, a market that comes to bring freshness and transparency to the contemporary art sector.

Saisho is the first and only art market that trains you in artistic and financial terms, combining rigorous analysis techniques extracted from investment banking, with the methodology of valuation of artists and works. We give you the qualitative and quantitative analytical tools so that you can develop your own expert criteria with which to start building your art collection. In Saisho there are only artists who have already been analyzed by our team, of proven quality and potential, and whose assessment is marked by supply and demand, rigor and transparency in the formation of values ​​and prices “, Explain Carlos Suarez, CEO of the company.

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This service has a lot of private banking of contemporary art: the client expresses his tastes, interests and objectives and the company’s advisers take you by the hand so you can develop your own judgment. Together, they analyze works and artists in which to invest, putting into practice the criteria they have acquired. “We want anyone with an artistic concern to know that this can be for them too. If more than 5,000 clients have received our training and advice, they can too ”, affirms Suárez.

Saisho, a Japanese term that means first, currently has 80 artists in quarry: Rómulo Celdrán, Carlos Blanco Artero, Manu Muñoz or Ikella Alonso are some of them. “With valuation algorithms we replicate what has been happening in the global art market: supply and demand, transactions … We differentiate between the market value of the artist where the transactions of his work influence, and the theoretical value marked by its validation in the circuit with exhibitions, collections, etc. We extract this operation of supply and demand to establish prices and we have written it in code, to replicate it and make it readable”, He clarifies. In short, to use the data, so fashionable at this time, to explain what has traditionally been something opaque.

Training is another of the pillars of Saisho, since they have training modules in contemporary art available to their clients:Ultimately, it is about empowering the client and for him to acquire knowledge in the matter, both in its artistic and economic aspects ”, clarifies Suárez. He adds: “We want you to develop your own expert artistic judgment and give you the tools to build your collection. In short, that he has the means to find Pablo before he is Picasso “.

Art-tech opened an investment round of 280,000 euros, through last December, a round that is still open and in which you can continue to participate.

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