Do you want to learn how to install and use Debian? See its official documentation

When it comes to choosing an operating system for our computer, most users opt for Microsoft’s Windows. But keep in mind that other open source alternatives, such as the debian-linux distributionare becoming more interesting and useful for the majority.

Much of the blame for all this lies with the developers of these systems, mostly free, which in many ways can compete and outperform Microsoft software. Things have changed a lot compared to a few years ago when Linux was limited to a few insiders. Right now, a good part of these distros are designed in such a way that most users can deal with them without any problem.

In addition, to all this we can add that we have at our disposal Linux distributions especially focused on certain types of use. There are also light ones to take advantage of old equipment, or more complex ones to meet the needs of experts. As we told you, we have a wide range of products here to choose from. In these lines we are going to focus on one of the most popular, but not the simplest. Specifically, we refer to Debianone of the most important Linux distributions from which other very popular ones derive.

Precisely for this reason, many users want to delve into the installation and use of this specific operating system. It is true that there are other simpler and more affordable distros, especially for novice users. However, the advantage that Debian offers us is its extensive community and documentation availableas we will see.

Learn to use Debian thanks to its documentation

We talk about the community of users of this Linux distribution because generally these groups of people in Linux tend to be of great help. All in order to improve the user experience of the rest, or bring the undecided closer to these interesting open source operating systems. Also, on the internet we can find an enormous amount of documentation for all kinds of doubts that arise.

In fact, if we focus on the aforementioned Debian, all this information that we mention will be useful for many from the beginning. And when we talk about the beginnings, we refer to the installation of the system on our computer. It requires some knowledge for those users who have never done it before.

But at this point there is no need to panic, since we have great help especially with this Linux distribution. In fact, its own developers and top managers put at our disposal a good amount of official documentation which will be very useful to us. To give you an idea of ​​what we are telling you, all we have to do is access the official Debian website.

In it, specifically in the section on documentation, we came across a good number of links covering most aspects of the operating system. Starting with a helpful installation guide, through all kinds of manuals about its operation. Moreover, here we can find help documentation for both users and developers.

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