Do you want to make your own video game? This pack for 1 euro interests you

Video game design is one of the most complex and least known disciplines by the people of our country. Actually, it touches several branches, from the design of the game systems to unrelated but complementary elements such as the narrative. That is why one of the last Humble Bundle on Game Design. Let’s see how it presents itself and what it offers us.

If you are one of those who is learning video game production, whether through Game Maker, Unity or Unreal Engine, you may have realized that design and production are not the same. In Spain, unfortunately, we have a fairly canine video game industry and we believe that it is important to encourage it with the self-training of new talents, since it is something that we will all benefit from. After all, over time, the video game industry has become an important economic value in several countries around the world, when a few years ago it was seen as a great nonsense.

Why is this Humble Bundle worth it in game design?

The first thing we have to clarify is that what this pack offers are not applications or games, but educational books on video game design in its different branches. Thus, you will be able to read from your pocket device in a calm and calm way, which we recommend, and it will help you to better understand the medium and be able to create games in a better way. The Humble Bundle for Game Design retails for €18.17 and includes a total of 25 books, yes, all in English, but they would cost you much more separately. The only problem? They are not in Spanish and are in perfect English.

Humble Bundle game design

Regarding the list of games, we highlight the following, some of them are used as textbooks in university courses on the subject. So the quality of the material is more than assured. For us the most important is White Space, a title that from here we recommend to everyone who is in a period of creative crisis.

  • The Reverse Design series, which shows the secrets in the game system of various classics in the history of video games for consoles and PC. It will give you a new and unknown perspective on them to implement these ideas to your games.
  • If you think you are a good writer and you would like to write narrative or scripts for video games, you have books like:
    • Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing.
    • Games as Text.
    • Narrative Design: the craft of writing games.
    • If we already focus on character creation, we have Better Game Characters by Design.
  • Are you interested in video game design in its purest forms, we have things like:
    • Game Design Theory.
    • Honoring the Code.
    • Game Design: from Blue Sky to Green Light.
    • The Craft and Science of Game Design.
    • The Pyramid of Game Design.
    • Mobile & Social Game Design
  • Looking at level design we have the Virtual Worlds series.
  • In case you are interested in producing music for video games, we have Game Audio Programming 3.

As you can see, the collection of books is very worthwhile to expand your knowledge in terms of video game design. We hope that they will be useful to you, since they have caught our attention. And as a last warning, we remind you that the pack will only be on sale for 19 days from today.

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