Do you want to pay less for an iPad? All of these are discounted

If you are thinking of buying an iPad, whatever it is, you should know that we can currently find discounts on the entire range. From the simplest to the ‘Pro’, through the ‘mini’ and ‘Air’ range. All of them available in Amazon and with 2 years warranty, the first being also managed by Apple itself. A good way to release the best tablets on the market paying less than in the Apple Store.

The cheap iPad, now even cheaper

The eighth-generation iPad was released at the end of last year. Its features are not the same as the ‘Pro’ and neither is its classic Home button design. However, it has interesting features such as a 10.2-inch screen, compatibility with Apple Pencil, mice, keyboards and other accessories. All this at prices that are discounted on Amazon depending on the storage capacity and color. On average they are 30 euros discount, which is not excessively large, but it is at least interesting.

Discounts on the mighty iPad Air 2020

This is one of the most popular tablets on the market for all that it involved in its launch: a new all-screen design with 10.9 inches, USB-C port, compatibility with Apple Pencil 2 and an A14 Bionic chip capable of squeezing it to the fullest. There are currently discounts that allow you to buy it for 70 euros less in cases such as the WiFi versions with 256 GB of storage.

ipad air 2020

A ‘mini’ that is also on sale

The small iPad mini could be renewed soon, but for now its fifth generation remains on sale with interesting possibilities thanks to its compatibility with Apple Pencil and its tremendous portability to become the best digital diary. Have different discounts depending on the capacity that is chosen and although in some cases they are not very high, they never exceed if what you want is to save.

Big discounts on iPad Pro

They are indisputably the best iPad for extremely outstanding features such as a modern design, screens with 120 Hz refresh rate, compatibility with all kinds of accessories and processors at the height of what can be demanded of them at a performance level. There are currently offers of 190 euros depending on the version. Models of both 11 and 12.9 inches from 2020 are also on sale, as well as the 11-inch with M1 chip launched just a few months ago in 2021.

ipad pro 2021

iPad Pro (2021)

It should be noted that any of the iPads offered are totally new and original being also sold by Apple itself through Amazon. There is also the possibility of return them in 30 days for a full refund, in addition to the 2-year warranty mentioned at the beginning. You can in any case contract AppleCare + as an extended warranty during the purchase process.

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