Do you want to return Paint to its initial settings? Follow these steps

If we are familiar with working with Microsoft Paint, we will know that the application starts on a blank page by default every time we open it. This page will serve as a canvas in which we can create or edit simple graphics through the application.

During the course of our work with Paint, we may need to adjust the resolution, width, and height of the default page to fit each of our creations. Once we close the program and open it again, Paint will show us the default white page with the last resolution we entered.

This can be a good and necessary thing in case we need to always continue working with the same resolution of the blank page. However, if necessary, we may prefer to return to the default resolution of Paint. This is something that we are going to learn to do next, either from the page properties or by making some adjustments from the Windows Editor.

Change the resolution of Paint’s blank page

Microsoft Paint is a simple graphics editor that allows us to draw in the JPG, GIF or BMP. It has tools like color fills, complex line generator, image pasting, and text tool for adding text in various fonts and sizes. In addition, it allows its users to create or edit their own images.

All the projects we create with Paint can be saved on our PC, pasted to other documents or printed. To open Paint, just type Paint in the Start menu search box and select it.

Once the application is open, it will show us a page with a white background with a resolution of 1152 x 648 pixels (Although this value may change depending on the resolution of our monitor), it is possible to change the resolution according to our needs.

Paint default resolution

To change the resolution of this blank page, we must click on the “File” button and then on “Properties”. This will open a window with the properties of the image. From here, we can set the units in which it is displayed (Inches, Centimeters and Pixels) and the colors (Black and white or Color). Here we can change the width and height to the desired size and click OK.

Image properties in Paint

In this way, every time we open Paint the blank page will always appear in the new proportions that we have selected.

Reset Paint’s resolution or size

As we have commented, every time we close and open Paint, it will show a blank page with the last resolution we set. Therefore, if we want to recover the original default resolution of Microsoft Paint, we show you how to do it.

From the Image Properties

If we want to restore the resolution or the size of the blank page in Paint, the easiest way to do it is through its properties. To do this, once we open Paint, click on the “File” tab in the upper left and select “Properties”.

Once inside the properties of the image we look at the bottom where we will find the resolution that we gave last time for this blank sheet. If we want to restore its original resolution, just click on the button «Predetermined»That we find on the right side. This will make the default resolution appear again (1152 x 648 pixels), so we click OK for the changes to be saved.

Paint image properties Default button

Next, we close Paint. To do this, click on the “File” tab and then on “Exit” or directly on the crosshead located at the top and save the changes. From this moment on, the resolution will return to the original one.

From the Windows Registry Editor

Another option offered by the Microsoft operating system to restore the blank page of Paint to its default values ​​is to use the Windows Registry Editor. We must bear in mind that any change we make by mistake in the Editor can lead to unstable behavior on the part of Windows. That is why, any operation that we carry out must be done under the responsibility of each user, and even make a backup copy for greater security.

The steps to perform to reset Paint from the Editor are as follows. The first thing we must do is close Paint in case it is running on our computer we must close it. Later we will press the keyboard shortcut “Windows + R” to open the Run command. Here we must write regedit and press the Enter button or the OK button with the mouse pointer.

Once this is done, the Windows Registry Editor will open, where we must navigate to the following path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Applets / Paint / View

Once we have reached this path, we can check how a lot of values ​​appear in the «View» folder on the right side of the screen. There are 3 of them that interest us: «BMPHeight«,«BMPWidth” Y “WindowPlacement«. These files must be eliminated, thereby restoring the default blank page that appears when you open Paint.

Paint values ​​in the Registry

To do this we must click on each of them with the right mouse button. This will cause a contextual menu to appear where we must select the “Delete” option and confirm the operation by clicking “Yes” in the subsequent pop-up window.

Delete registry values ​​to reset Paint

Once this is done, we close the Registry Editor and reopen Microsoft Paint on our PC. We can check as the default resolution of the blank page.

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