Do you want to stream in 4K? The ElGato HD60 X allows you to

Although it is true that our graphics cards have hardware video codecs that allow us to record and retransmit our games. This means having to sacrifice part of the video memory and access to it to perform this function. That is why an external aid, as is the case with the recently presented HD60 X from ElGato, is always good.

A video capture device is nothing more than a device that duplicates the video signal that we emit from the console or the PC, one of them sends it directly to the screen and the other is stored or retransmitted over the Internet. This saves our computer from having to spend its own resources and, therefore, ends up lowering performance. In particular, this affects the graphics, since if we capture from the video codec integrated by hardware, it conflicts with the graphics card when accessing the VRAM, causing the frame rate to drop.

We also cannot forget the fact that video game consoles tend to capture video with a very limited duration and with an inefficient bitrate. Especially the previous generation. Therefore, they are ideal for having a smooth broadcast and with the highest possible image quality. In addition, to allow us to do things that we cannot do as standard on our PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox.

ElGato HD60 X, specifications of this external capture device

The ElGato HD60 X capture device is small enough to fit in the palm of our hand and at the same time be able to capture content at resolution 1080p and a frame rate of 60 FPS. All this seasoned with HDR10 and if we prefer a higher image quality we can capture 4K and 30FPS. In terms of sound quality, this is 48KHz. The content is stored in HEVC format, so not only good image quality is ensured, but also higher image quality at the same bitrate than H.264. What do we miss? VRR support and the ability to capture 4K60, especially for next-gen consoles.

TheCat HD60+

For streaming, the capture device brings the technology Instant Gameview, which cuts the broadcast latency with respect to your game in real time and, therefore, reduces the lag. We also find the 4K Capture Utility that allows us to record hours and hours of game content on our hard drive for later editing. In addition, it is fully compatible with OBS Studio and allows you to add your voice in the middle of the broadcast in real time through a separate track. Something that you can also do deferred.

TheCat HD60+

However, in the case of the HD60 X from ElGato, we find ourselves with a product that does not have the ability to play automatically and cannot work independently of our computer. Since it does not have internal storage capacity as standard and we cannot connect an additional one to it either. What’s more, the system is powered by a USB-C port that at the same time connects it to our computer. So it will make use of our PC to be able to feed itself electrically and to be able to store the video streams that it is capturing.

Price and availability

As for its availability, we can already obtain it immediately in the network of distributors of both CORSAIR and ElGato. Your recommended retail price? For €199.99 we can buy it.

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