Do you want to use Discord? This is how you download it and keep it updated

In addition, it is a multiplatform application and can even be installed on our mobile phone or tablet, so it is capable of reaching all types of users. If you are interested in it, today we will tell you how to download, install and keep it updated in Windows.

Download and install

Downloading and installing Discord is a quick and simple process, but it’s always a good idea to follow these steps to make sure everything runs smoothly. The first thing we have to do is access its official website, and click on the button “Download for Windows”to get your installation file.

From here we can also open Discord using the browser in case you don’t want to download it, although it will make us lose some functions, so we are going to focus on the desktop version. It should be remembered that the app is freeso we will not have to pay anything to download and use it, and it is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Once downloaded we will obtain a file called DiscordSetup.exe, we double click on it and it will start installing automatically quickly without us having to do anything else. The process is relatively quick and will only take a minute.

At the end of the installation a welcome window will appear from where we must sign up. For this it will be necessary to establish an email, a username, a password and the date of birth. We check the box that we have read and accepted Discord’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and click on the “Continue” button.

Create an account on Discord

Next, it is possible that we get a message from windows security alert. In it, it informs us that the Windows Defender Firewall blocked some features of the application, so we will have to click on the Allow access button so that it can connect to private and public networks.

Discord windows security alert

Finally, a window will appear to create the account in which we will have to click on the “I am human” button to unlock the Captcha.

Discord unlock Captcha

This will bring up the main menu where we can start using it. Of course, not without first checking our email and reviewing the instructions to verify our account correctly.

Why update Discord

By updating Discord we will have numerous benefits since we will not only obtain correction of possible errors and improvements in the performance of the application, but also, on occasion, we will have new functions. Updating Discord is supposed to improve our Discord experience, and that’s exactly what happens with Discord. Plus, these are free and easy to install.

discord news

To the use an outdated version of the program we may run into some problems. For example, bots installed on servers may not work properly as they are designed to always run on the most current version. It also allows you to correct possible errors that may have arisen on the platform, so if we experience crashes or unexpected closures, updating Discord may help us correct it.

The update can also cause the servers to not work properly if we maintain an old version. In addition, it can lead to limited server and channel customization and lack of new features or tools that have been added to the latest version.

How to update Discord to the latest version

When it comes to updating Discord, the application has an automatic system so it will only be necessary to close it and reopen it so that it automatically updates to the latest version available, without us having to do anything else.

update automatically

To do this, what we will do is click on the gear-shaped button at the bottom left of the main menu.

discord settings

Then, on the next screen, click on the “Sign off”.

Discord Sign Out

Now, we go to the system tray where we must right-click on the Discord icon. Then we click on “Quit Discord” for it to close completely.

Quit Discord

Finally, we reopen Discord and a banner should automatically appear before it starts. It will inform us that new updates are being downloaded.


If we have the program permanently open, it is also possible to perform the update from its own interface. Although it does not have any specific button for it, we can do it in other ways. To do this we must maximize the application and press the key combination “Ctrl + R”. This updates the application’s user interface, helping the software to detect and download potential new updates without interrupting the current session. Once this is done, when we open Discord next time they will be installed.

discord inbox

Likewise, in case of receiving an important update, a green down arrow will appear next to the update. inbox, represented by a rectangle at the top right. In this way the software informs us that there is a new version available waiting for us.

Discord won’t open? put a solution

Discord is generally an application that works correctly, but we can find certain occasions where despite clicking on the icon several times we can’t get it to open. If this is our case and we have already tried to restart our PC without a solution, we can carry out other actions in both Windows 10 and Windows 11 that help us solve it.

We can try to close any process that is running in the background. To do this, press “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” to access the “Task Manager”, select the Discord process and click on the button “Finish homework”.

End Discord from Task Manager

We may also choose to clear the app’s data, as it may have become inaccessible or corrupted, preventing it from launching. Press “Windows + R” and write %appdata% and press Enter. In the File Explorer window we locate the Discord folder and delete it.

Clear Discord Data

Sometimes the app can crash if our user account doesn’t have the necessary permissions so we need to make sure to run Discord with administrator permission. Also, if we’re using a VPN, multiple instances might not open, so we can fix that. disabling both proxies and VPN.

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