Doctor Strange’s watch exists and is worth more than 22,000 euros

On May 6, Doctor Strange was released in the Multiverse of Madness and, although we are not going to gut anything or reveal key plot data, we will tell you that there is an object that the protagonist carries for a good part of the film that is not product of the multiverse, nor a spell from some past wizard overlord, but simply a watch that can be bought in stores by any of the mortals who inhabit this dimension.

A touch of class for the surgeon

As you will all remember, Stephen Strange was, before being a wizard and sorcerer supreme, a successful surgeon who collected a huge number of watches Which one is more exclusive? But as with everything, quantity does not bring happiness, and only very specific pieces can be ordered from that, which almost always have an extra in the form of a sentimental charge. In other words, Strange prefers that watch that a certain person gave him and not necessarily the one that cost him the most money. Specifically Cristine, with a legend that came to say «’Time will tell you how much I love you».

Well, in the case of Doctor Strange, that key watch is the so-called Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetualwhich is a model that you can buy from the manufacturer’s own website for a price of around 22,000 euros and that, at first glance, will not seem too much ostentatious (as Jesús Gil used to say), but rather an elegant, fine device specially designed to show the world that unique style that we exude from every pore of our body.

Art in a special sphere

This watch is a small Swiss watchmaking work of art that is sold in various finishes although we are interested in silver, which is the one exhibited by Strange for much of the second film. Made with a steel case with a diameter of 39 mm, it is a completely hermetic model capable of resisting up to 5 bar (you can take a shower with it and wet it in the pool, but without immersing it for too long). The dial has a silver-gray, powder-silver finish, polished black nickel-plated appliqués, and the hands are Dauphines, on a black leather strap, lug width 21mm. and an 18mm buckle.

Among the functions it has, apart from giving the exact hour, minutes and seconds, has year indicator, perpetual calendar and phases of the Moon. It is loaded with the movement, it has an automatic winding, a thickness of just 4.72 mm. and a power reserve of 38 hours.


If after seeing all of the above you want to get one, know that its starting price is 22,000 euros and then you have variants in both color and finish that can make it much more expensive. As an example, a button: the one with the Black Sun dial becomes quite expensive and has a final cost of 24,400 euros, while the Rose Gold increases the price to 37,700. That without forgetting the White Gold model that is close to 50,000, specifically, 46,800 euros.

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