Doctor Who: Russell Davies will return as showrunner of the series

The period of the 13th Doctor is about to close and if together with Jodie Whittaker the showrunner will also leave Chris Chibanll. In its place it will return Russell T Davies, proponent of the relaunch of Doctor Who in 2005.

As it happened 15 years ago, Davies could revamp and evolve the show into something different, with a desire to bring Doctor Who towards a shared universe.

Russell Davies returns to the helm of Doctor Who

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the first season of Doctor Who, the BBC has decided to re-entrust the reins of the show to Russell T. Davies, which in 2005 had restarted the franchise that had been stopped for 15 years.

His contribution to bringing many elements into the new series that has thrilled most fans who now love the show has been elevated and now he looks poised for another step in the Doctor’s story.

During an interview, Davies talked about his predecessor, who will close his path in the series in 2022: “I am extremely excited to be returning to my favorite show. But we’re traveling through time too fast, with a series of the brilliant Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker still underway, with my friend Chris Chibnall at the helm. He did a great job and for now I will enjoy the last season, still being a spectator“.

Earlier this year, however, speaking to Radio Times, Davies had hinted at a shared universe in which to develop the franchise.

I was in the middle of running an empire, following both the main series and the spin offs Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Chronicles. I only realize now that I was at least 10 years early and the time was not ripe. Now there should be a Doctor Who channel, seeing how things went at Disney, and we should be here to announce the arrival of series like The Adventures of Nyssa or The Return of Donna Noble.

Davies had already set up much of a probable universe of Doctor Who, without having the time to realize his innovative ideas at the time. Who knows if now, returning to manage the series, he will be able to realize what he had started in 2005. The hope is obviously that the main series can guarantee the presence of an excellent new Doctor and that parallel stories can start based on the numerous characters met in recent seasons .

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