Documentary “Being James Bond” premieres on Apple TV + September 7

On September 28, the premiere of Daniel Craig’s latest film is scheduled to play the agent 007 of the British secret service, a film that due to the pandemic has been repeatedly delayed and that it was in the orbit of Apple TV + and Netflix when both negotiated the premiere of No time to die on their streaming video platforms.

To liven up the premiere of this film, Apple will premiere on September 7, the documentary Being james bond, a documentary that rPass 5 Movies In Daniel Craig’s 15 Years As 007, a documentary that features never-before-seen images of each of the films he has played, including the one that opens on September 30.

The documentary has been produced by MGM, the current owner of the rights to the 007 saga (until the purchase is formalized by Amazon), it has a duration of 46 minutes. In this documentary, producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli chat with Daniel Craig about his first steps on paper and how his life has changed about it.

As we informed you a few months ago, Amazon bought MGM, acquiring the rights of major franchises, among which is 007. Apparently, this agreement was signed long before the purchase agreement. Once the purchase agreement is completed, it will be a matter of time before Apple retains the rights to this documentary and they become part of Amazon.

Daniel Craig proposed that 007 will use an iPhone in the movie SpecterAs James Bond only uses the best, rather than the Sony Xperia Z5 device, but of course, Sony is one of the producers of the latest Bond movies, so ultimately the suggested change was not made.

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